Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. The slightly rounded, trapezoid shaped had is not exactly square, but that is where it comes from and it does look OK. I did not even have to give any thought to playing a 14 club Nike Bag next year. I feel like I get good distance but it always fades to the right? If you struggle with not only distance, but with accuracy as well, you should definitely give the SQ MachSpeed a test drive.

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It seems that everytime nike comes out with something new all people do is bash it. If you struggle with not only distance, but with accuracy as well, you should definitely give the SQ MachSpeed a test drive. If you gave me the choice between added speed, accuray, weight, and over all performance or aesthetics i would choose performance every time and youre a fool if you dont.

Comments I sliced with the square dymo srt8 fit is this driver straighter. Well about 15 years ago or so Cobra Golf became well known for making irons that hit the ball farther then any other brand at the time…this technology scam literally put them on the jachspeed.

Nike SQ Machspeed Fairway Wood Review

So everyone was hitting the ball longer well at least they thought they were and over the years the standard iron macjspeed lofts changed accordingly to all be strong lofted because thats all anyone was making…so it became the standard. Can I use something else besides the Nike wrench?


Overall the SQ MachSpeed driver is a hands-down winner in my book. And especially when I hit the ball on the sweet spot, the ball just took off from the clubface.

Product Review: SQ MachSpeed Irons | NG NATION — Nike Golf Fan Blog

They should think new materials and shafts instead…. As with any game improvement iron, the main tradeoff for distance and forgiveness is feel.

Machspded are woods starting to look more like a concept car than just a good ole pear shape that everyone has used since the dawn of golf. Bob, which driver are you currently gaming? The Adams speedline driver shows that pear shaped drivers are not dead at all.

Hi Andy — I did not say square was the future I simply said that pear is out and golfers need to get used to seeing other shapes. Great point as well. It felt like the diffusers helped to guide the clubhead throughout the swing. Machs;eed just needed to express that. And when I did miss, it felt like the SQ MachSpeed did not compound the miss, but rather helped to straighten it out — I definitely noticed that my misses were less severe with this driver.

This entire Nike lineup looks awesome! So 2 almost identical swings can result in 2 dramatically different results and have you scratching your head wondering how the hell to fix the problem. However put that behind you and swing the club and you will find a 0209 wood that feels and sounds great. Parker 9 years ago. Well I do not agree that it does look better than the Victory Red driver that was just leaked and i dont understand where Nike is going with this futuristic look.


When I reviewed the SQ MachSpeed driver and fairway woodI was impressed by the game improvement qualities of both clubs. Players who are considering a game improvement iron should take a serious look at the SQ MachSpeed irons. Maachspeed playing the Callaway FT-i with a closed face. But in other industries would most likely be considered a SCAM. So i went back the following day leaning more towards the X but ended up walking out with Nikes after a couple of adjustments to the clubs.

Sign in or Register with Golfalot. However which shape do we mean? Hi Seizo…thanks for stopping by and leaving your 1st comment. It looks awesome, I really like the look of the toe! Sign in or Register with Golfalot.

Heard any of these claims before? Media Reviews Today’s Golfer. We will have to wait and niek none of the companies that have decided to incorporate this technology in the past have been able to.

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