This is simply a warning to Acronis users on a function that may have slipped past your research before purchasing Acronis So for OS partition backing up from a bootable CD does make sense. Another factor is that if you don’t use Acronis True Image often you forget about its capabilities in this case the write decision would be to use cloning of the disk, not restoration from the image the whole disk in this case my feeling is Acronis tried to apply restore operation of the physical drive with the same drive letter as the image — this time C: That is the True Image the strongest point. Each additional 10G adds approximately an hour to backup and restore. The best way to avoid using the standalone loader is to create full copy of the existing C drive on a small USB disk drive G disk drive usually suffice and then do regular backups on a larger TB USB drive. Of course none of the 3rd party software was there.

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That means that each time you created an image you better check if you can browse it with Acronis.

In fact I am not aware of any backup program for Windows that satisfies this need. And as in your case Acronis support was worse then pathetic: Mar 6, Posts: Use caution is you restore multiple folders with it and always check the results. I am not an expert in programming but I can usually apply logic to a actonis and work out the cause and sometimes even a solution.


Hi, I assume that the tdrpmxxx. And THAT makes this software useless.

BSOD points to Acronis as the culprit | Acronis Forum

Please understand that cold back-up is necessary only in case you backup the partition which contains OS system partition or a disk with it. This is called taking a cold back up meaning backing up a static disk with no other program writing to the disk other than the back up software. The user interface certainly looks outdated and it appears that Ghost 15 has not been updated in years.

I understand you’re unwillingness to meddle with something that now is finally working for you, and will be interested to see what your results are when you can say try cloning your current hard drive either by GHOST or Acronis onto a spare hard drive which then, assuming it’s working, you can backup and restore, hopefully successfully, using the Acronis boot disc exclusively. The Dump Report says this:. There appears to be no way to verify an archive from the recovery disk UNLESS you do it as the step preceeding a recovery.

Beware of Acronis “Leftovers” Issues

Thank you for your post and welcome to our forum. For example, one cool feature that’s hard to find in most backup program is something you might term ‘version management’. The dceide, which is in fact the partition with Win7x64 on itis a primary partition.

All-in-all, the better you are prepared for the disk crash or virus infection that cannot be disinfected by regular antivirus, the simpler is your backup and restore configuration, the better are your chances that True Image can save your day. I know you’re understandably bolume with all of this and it sounds as though you’ve moved on, but if you care to do this, if only out of academic interest, I’d be interested in your followup.


Tilter GPT, although having been used by Apple for a long time, is only relatively new on the consumer side of PC, most people will not need to be concerned with this at this time.

Right click on it and select modify. I once did that. Unlike with mechanical drives, where there is no significant difference in SATA 2 vs. Still the absence of image recovery utility is a big drawback. It’s a real shame because the software is inherently very good, at least based on my own experience ddecide I have absolutely NO conflict of interest with regards to this company.

This occurs naturally with regular backups. The problem was how to achieve that reliably.

Guess its the price we have to pay for more speed starting Windows in 10 seconds with 84 programs on it! I discovered the same problem on that laptop too.

In the meantime, I hope you get a response to your vlume. Acronis image is monolithic and failure of one part makes image unusable. TI 12 does not satisfy this need. Your username or email address: I created a folder on the desktop called “Acronis test folder” and then restarted the system. You can download and install MiniTool Partition Wizard ver 9.

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