I am a 9 handicap and not a club abuser…I was baffled. And anybody who can control a 46″ club isn’t going to need the “game improvement” head. Took all the plastic covers off and man, that club felt and sounded even better! By utilizing the advanced shaping and weight distribution of Boxer Technology, we successfully optimized the mass properties for distance first, then forgiveness. The 9 deg w.

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Adams Insight XTD A3 Boxer 9.5* Degree Driver Regular Flex Blem 203475

I think I will keep it with the dimple in unsight untill it breaks hope not. T face technology, which aims to produce a soft feel at impact. Nickent also offers a square and traditional… remember 5 years ago when new technology was simply weighting adjustments and new metals….

Well just got back from my tournament. Might as well have a tin can on a wood stick. Well whatever it was, they seemed to have fixed the issue. It will take a few YEARS before we really see the best square drivers… zdams with all new technology it needs to be tried and improved on for a few years.


I called and got blown off. They are rated gold on the Hot List by Golf Digest. What was the model of driver?

Oh yea I am hitting the Pinnacle Gold ball. The result was most of the balls went straight to the fairway and although they didnt go as far as i expected, at least i didnt feel i was losing my distance.

Volume One Hundred Twenty Four. Adams will offer two different models, the a30S, which has draw bias to help you square the clubface and the neutral based a3.

Follow Up to previous post: Has no feel to it at all.

Posted 06 April – Easily an extra 20 t0 25 yards!! Published 2 hours ago on Dec 29, Played a couple rounds this winter with no problems.

Adams Golf Insight XTD A3 Hybrid Review | Equipment Reviews | Today’s Golfer

Completely removed my slice and hitting This morning the head came off. Going to play this weekend for the true test. My Adams ST driver head paint started peeling off before I even used it.

Just purchased adams ext insight and WOW!!!

Adams Introduces Insight XTD Driver

Adams is offering a new long driver. Just for sport I seen a adams XTD a3os driver in the local pros shop and since I am hitting a3 irons a thought I would try it.


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Adams Golf Insight XTD a3 Drivers user reviews : out of 5 – 10 reviews –

They offer blended hybrid sets, forged irons for the better player, as well as drivers and fairway woods. Nothing to think of just grab thing and pound it. All that stopped when the salesman put that OS version of the driver into my hands.

Some other differerences between isnight two: I hithe the 3 wood off the tee further than the guys hit there driver.

I used to have a problem with hooking up until I bought the Callaway which helped me incredibly but I was amazed at the insifht the Insight made. Posted 17 August –

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