I shot with the camera in total default “auto everything” mode and was amazed to see the results. In addition, the ePhoto includes a superior high-resolution color LCD, providing crisp images for framing or playing back shots under any light conditions. The user controls are simple but powerful and put in the right places considering the size and shape of the camera. Mobile Accessories by Joshua Goldman 10 days ago. The ePhoto is designed for the quality-conscious, and those business professionals who need to capture images for documentation or communication in fields such as real estate, insurance, law enforcement, contracting, and design.

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I would love to hear someone’s opinion on this. Save on Digital Cameras Trending price is based xgfa prices over last 90 days. Please see all the pictures of the actual item for details. All of these pictures were taken in the ” HI” mode which is x with very low JPG compression. It’s hard to tell it from a real photo made by film and chemicals.

Note the handling of chrome, car and surrounding colour. It adds about one f-stop of darkness to the picture which the ‘s exposure system compensates for automatically.

The lens is threaded so you can put 46mm filters on it to protect the lens or use auxilliary closeup filters to get even closer than it already gets in macro mode.

The movable lens permits maximum flexibility when taking hard-to-get photos, while the flash remains in line with the lens at all times, ensuring cajera exposure.


Agfa ePhoto 1280

Skip to main content. Agfa will be bringing out another new digicam shortly called the ePhoto which will have all the same features of the except for the x resolution mode. The other images were all taken at the H setting.

If you and I can’t tell the difference between film and digital origination on these pages, then the quality is sufficient for the purpose. It is suitable for aspects of all three. The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind agga Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter.

I went ahead sphoto shot all kinds of beach and landscape scenes and they all looked good on the camera’s LCD screen. I posted some new images to my Agfa ePhoto page showing just how well the camera handles extremely adverse lighting conditions.

Camerra dimmer lighting it will be necessary to mount the camera on a tripod though.

120 compared to a 35mm camera the ‘s lens focal length is a continuous mm. The futuristic looking ePhoto was made by Sanyo and designed by a german company called Industrial Design Rubner.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 – digital camera Series

Next come Hi gh and S tandard modes. If you use the LCD a lot then the batteries get exhausted fairly quickly but will usually last long enough to fill two to four 4MB SSFDC cards full of pictures and still let you download them to the computer.

They are Simple Technology brand and work perfectly in the ePhoto The Bear House nameplate was shot in the shade, mainly lit by a cloudless sky, at the top resolution mode.


I have noticed that the LCD image that is frozen on the screen while the camera is storing the image is not always a proper representation of the stored image. I also took a shot of a Macbeth colour chart, reproduced here above left alongside a digitally generated version above right which has gone through the same reproduction process. The camera did not have an optical viewfinder, instead everything was done by using the 2″ TFT display.

Agfa ePhoto digital camera (Chip Shop 10/97)

Nikon D D Digital photography begins its next chapter with radical changes Computational photography remakes phone photos, while Canon and Nikon embrace the camera design of the future.

Additionally, tucked away in the Advanced Ephoti settings, are six further flash settings.

After each image is camra, PhotoGenie quantifies and qualifies each pixel according to the traits it possesses and then reconstructs the image.

Want to take better photos and videos?

Agfa ePhoto Digital Photography Review

Toys and Tabletop Games by Bonnie Burton 8 days ago. A rotating wheel on the right edge selects capture or playback modes. I have dealt with a lot of companies and nobody has ever handled a problem this quickly to my complete satisfaction.

The “” modes are x pixels and differ only in the amount of compression used.

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