I sure would like to listen to the YMFB. Many thanks to gerwin! Board index All times are UTC. To the best of my knowledge the late genesis all have a crap analog stage. It doesn’t catch any noise from HDD reads like some Aztech cards unfortunately do it. Thus we get simple decision of sbpro compatibility issues on sb16 cards by using them separately.

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I switched it to MPU and could not get anything general midi to work, either with a daughter-card or with my external sound canvas.

I just received my Tandy TX today and im hard at work resurrecting a ColecoVision that is in a sorry state but i aim to get a new card done by the end of the weekend nonetheless. I remember that picture you gave me here. I then switched it back to SBmidi and guess what, general midi worked!!! At first i thought it might have something to do with a dirty potentiometer but it just would not go away even after a thorough cleaning. Feel free to do whatever you need to do with it I’ll paste the link here as soon as it has finished uploading it’s over MB.

Then how is bit sound transferred: The Many Sound of: Unless you like tin can sound and weird, potentially glitched Mpu implementation, I would stay away from this card.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Anyway it certainly was nowhere near as bad as a Crystal OPL3 clone! It just used a pin connector instead of the standard pin. Any suggestions on this board or should I throw it out and try again?

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This may be due to driver issues needs to be verified. I also took a look at several ESS Audiodrive cards they had, and all had a weird additional edge connector past the bit ISA extension with an extra 6 pins 3 per side. Not sure if it’s worth buying for a comparison though; the board appears otherwise identical to typical Vibra 16S cards, so unless there’s any real difference to the YMF itself, there’s not much point in bothering.

If it weren’t for that, it would be a pretty darn good SB16 clone. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I then wanted to do the Hexen test. I also like the fact that you mentioned the Sega Genesis. Original sound blaster compatibility was very bad, it seemed to be very compatible with sound blaster 16 and Adlib but in many games without direct SB16 compatibility, including DooM and comanche Maximum overkill, I had no sound effects.

While I worked it on the celeron I experienced some compatibility issues. It also has jumpers to switch between mpu mode and SBmidi mode, which is the default.

RealTek ALS Free Driver Download for Windows 95, DOS, Other () – w95_exe

Did Mithloraite ever reach a verdict if the Yamaha on his board is genuine of a remarked one? I bought an ALS Plus and it’s pretty much the same.


Compatibility wise it did not seem too dox either, it even worked both sound and music in Comanche maximum overkill, which is a game that will often not work with many cards As you can see on the picture, this card is jumper galore. My Retro Gaming PC: It sounded really awful with headphones plugged in and a set of speakers I had. At the same time, for example, the card works perfectly on motherboards with chipsets iZX and iE. No big deal anyway, the output quality and STN ratio is still better than many later sound blaster cards!

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It is a very useful tool and each registration will give a referral and a mb bonus to the project. No genuine OPL3 on this one.

This topic is about SB 16 clones, not about anything sold by Creative Labs. I found the whole task quite time consuming but I guess this can’t be avoided. By the time the Descent demo song was over I had a whole orchestra aks120 hung notes and during the playback i heard some sounds i had never heard before.

What can I do with this situation on motherboard i?

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