If you really want to go the distance, you can replace the weakest drivers in the system usually the subwoofer with higher quality drivers, and end up with a cheap system that will eat a pre packaged speaker system costing 10 times more. Thats OK, but not good enough for someone that plays games and listens to music alot. Electric power is a must have on a computer speaker system. I would say pitch them, not because they are beyond repair, but to be honest, back in , they had plenty of speaker systems that could out-perform altec lansings lineup for half the money. Power Device Nominal Voltage. Got any more ideas?

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Everything I see in the stores is crap and designed to barely outlast their warranty.

Altec Lansing Acs48 Computer Speakers Large Subwoofer Good | eBay

Requital Superclocked Member Total Posts: There is nothing more disappointing than buying a really nice set of speakers that sound great in the store and have a usable frequency range down to 80hz, bringing them home, and finding out most of your favorite music has bass drops in the 40hz range. Thanks, I’ll let ya know if it werks! The ACS48 is an amplified speaker system featuring a When the ACS48 is not used with a computer, it can subwoofer for extended low frequency response.


Thank you for your reply, but I dont quite follow. For the price of those systems you could build something five times better.

The PowerCube Plus ACS48, a strong, powered system, with a subwoofer — it was one of the best computer audio systems ever made. Speakers aktec Steve Guttenberg Nov 10, It’s really a pain what I got here That one is the Black “ground” wire.

Altec Lansing Acs48 Computer Speakers Large Subwoofer Good

Watch it live here Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: PC multimedia speaker system. I lqnsing I’ll go grab an inexspensive pair of satelites and do some “real good” for myself.

The the sub frequency response of this old set of cones is what made me hold onto ac4s8. Here is a really good write-up them from back in the day Safety Instructions Power Sources — The appliance should be connected to a power supply call the Altec Lansing service line for assistance. I have friends with modern very high end systems and I am not impressed by the “new” technology.

Page of 8 Go. I drive the piss out of my Bose ‘s and they just beg for more, even 30 years later. And dont get me wrong, I like the fact that your “speaking from a stereophile POV”. On the far left or that fat solder point towards the middle?


Retro: Altec Lansing PowerCube Plus ACS48

Placement Of Speakers All stereo information is heard from the satellite speakers. Booting time is this fast?

Cyber Monday sound bars deals available now: Samsung Developer Conferenceday 2: But it really lies beyond the capabilities of human endeavor. Add to my manuals Add.

Aotec Altec have a small tweater in them. Havent tried that set-up yet! Updated my system Battlefield V: Thats OK, but not good enough for someone that plays games and listens to music alot.

Clearer sound, better build quality, same incredible value Clearer sound, better build quality, same incredible value by Ty Pendlebury.

So this little project will be for fun, less for necessity. The a,tec are some type of “common ground serial stereo” wiring that I am not familiar with.

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