This driver only seems to work on some boards, and not others??? This page was last modified on 30 March , at Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. I am currently posting on this thread Connecting non RM laptops to a CC3 network Im struggling to get the build to complete past windows due to windows drivers Atheros AR After a reboot the packet driver is installed and ready. Some network cards uunfortunately have the same name or very similar names, yet use a totally different driver. In fact, they were used for this since they were invented.

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Above you see the example of a 3com 3C PC Card. Unfortunately ODIPKT doesn’t understand hex values, so you have to translate this parameter to a decimal number – which is This page has been accessed 92, times.

It’s designed for use in Microsoft networking environments, on either peer-to-peer or domain based LANs. If you lot are still after the dos drivers The following example assumes you defined different frames also known as “envelope types” in NET. However there is some less popular PCI cards on the disk which aren’t autodetected.

Just count the frames in NET. After we have configured NET.


If it doesn’t exist, create it. As we have RM network and Have spent hours scouring various ahheros trying to find one that would work.

Supported DOS Network Cards/Chipsets

While all these drivers should work, I don’t have access to every card myself for testing. That means, according to the example above:.

Hi all, did you peeps manage to get this to fully complete a build on an RM network?

After a reboot the packet driver is installed and ready. I downloaded them a few weeks ago. Because NetWare was a popular system during the eighties and nineties of the last century, there is quite a good arheros that the manufacturer of your network card included such an ODI driver.

Acer laptops and Atheros Wifi By jonathanhaddock in forum Windows. We already heard that ODI is a multiprotocol driver, so the MLID is able to use more than one frame and protocol with the same hardware network qtheros.

Atheros AR PXE Driver

Autodetected Speed Mode Often found onboard some motherboards. Thanks to Terrorvis you have just ended a 3 week fight with this driver. For a full documentation of the parameters in NET. In fact, they were used for this since they were invented.

For the packet driver converter, that we want to start later, it is mandatory to define at least the Ethernet II frame here. Plenty of googling and I find this page. First of all, the name of the driver is specified.


As we already heard when configuring a packet driver, the most frequently atherps packet driver software interrupt number is 0x60, which is the hexadecimal value 60 the “0x” just tells us it is hex format.

Originally Posted by terrorvis. Currently 98 different network card drivers all included, all on the single 1.

Universal TCP/IP Network Boot Disk

We only need to set:. If you want to use other values and you are not used to hex, you may try a hex-dec calculator or see the following list:. COM by Dan Lanciani, which can be downloaded here: Then we configure the ” frame ” or ” envelope type ” both declarations work and mean the same thing used by this driver:. This parameter defines the software interrupt vector used by the driver.

Bluetooth Devices