When set to True, only applications that support referential integrity can use the tables preventing others, such as Paradox 4 for DOS, from accessing the tables. I used to recommend raising it to but enough CodeGear and dBASE users have suggested to me for various reasons that is a better setting. FireDAC is an amazing data access library! So here is yet more on OpLocks, including links to “sources”. BDE , Settings , Recommendations. So we had to manage our code to not use them. The content you requested has been removed.

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parallel access to paradox via BDE and ODBC

So, when moving your NetDir out onto a common location on your network, do not put it in the root of a mapped or shared drive, use a folder. Whether or not the BDE files are stored on the network or on each workstation, the BDE runs on each workstation so these best practices are also workstation best practices. Install now to protect your privacy. OK, fine, I’ll try to prepare some example with the same behavior. I have heard that MS recommends it be turned off if using their desktop database Access, oxbc have found what seems to be the source of that.


Databases add incredible functionality to any program. Use a file server not a workstation to store your data, disable Oplocks on the filer server, ;aradox configure the BDE local share to true and optimize if desired. File based databases are still valuable and actively developed and marketed.

Databases – Borland Database Engine (BDE)

Comment 3 of 3. DB is open to excel bad odbc translate language. Help us improve MSDN. When set to True, only applications that support referential integrity can use the tables preventing others, such as Paradox 4 for DOS, from accessing the tables.

Most consider the default of C: If you are a member, Sign In. With old apps closed all runs OK. Or, you can Create a Free account now.

Ways of Opening Paradox Files (.db)

NET Managed Providers https: Posted 9 years ago. Finally, if workstations are crashing, fix em so they don’t. I’m primarily interested in the connection logic.

Get Started Page eMag: Working and Private Directory Suggestion Some Paradox developers are recommending you set your working and private directories at least two folders down from the root.


Every implementation of oplocks should be evaluated as a trade-off between perceived performance and reliability. CONS These plugins odbbc technically complex and experience is needed to use No graphical user interface all command line.

This issue also applies to clients that are running Microsoft Windows NT 4. Here we are using the RAD Studio sample data folder: Recent Microsoft Betas may be the culprit. Comment 1 of 3. To disable OpLocks on your file paradxo Marked as answer by PetSe Tuesday, June 16, 6: FireDAC is a fantastic data access framework that supports a large variety of databases and has incredible in-memory features as well.

Comment 2 of 3. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. Parxdox I tern off the translate? This configuration will likely encounter problems with oplocks.