Distinctive typefaces identify the buttons you press, the lights on the operator panel, and any commands you enter at your computer. In the Print dialog box, specify the desired print options and cHck OK. Connection to party lines is subject to state tariffs. Make sure the cartridge label faces you. Once copied, on the Edit menu, click Paste to File. On the File menu, click Import Tiff.

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Printers by Rick Broida Oct 16, When deleting a folder, you must first delete all documents from the folder. The memory of the MultiPASS is full because it has received too many documents, or a very long or detailed document.

Canon MultiPASS C3000 User Manual

Select OK to close nultipass Print Setup dialog box. To disable the beeping, turn off the Off Hook Alarm option in the Advanced: Page Problem Cause Solution Troubleshooting The documents are presented within the open folder as a list.

Using The Setup Analyzer The inconsistencies appear with check boxes.

You can perform a variety of tasks with and on your documents, as described in this chapter. You cannot rename a job in the Out Box folder. You can then feed the copy.


Full text of “Canon MultiPASS C User’s Manual”

Do not feed documents ,ultipass pages that are different sizes or of different thicknesses. However, you can change the order of the listed documents in the user- defined folders. Always use paper without curls, folds, staples, or damaged edges. The Status Monitor window displays the nature of the problem, with a comment indicating a corrective action. C6 Peel the protective foil off the new BJ cartridge’s packaging, and remove the cartridge.

You can replace the BJ tanks without replacing the print head unit when you run out of ink. You can send to a total of 57 destinations as follows: However, if the memory becomes full, the MultiPASS C is unable to receive more faxes until you print the faxes stored in memory. Simply choose Fax Memo from umltipass File menu.

The Status Monitor displays as a button Windows 95 or icon Windows 3. This results in a much better reproduction of mhltipass photograph. Got it, continue to print.

Csnonlocation, and filename for saving the file. You may want to place it in a plastic bag to keep from spilling any residual ink. Close the storage box.


If you are printing in an application outside Windows, your software application or printer driver must support mirror image printing in order to use Back Print Film or T-Shirt Transfers. However, you can change the option settings as needed. You use this option to set the appropriate amount of time seconds to allow the MultiPASS C to check for the type of call.


Select the color and width of the line for the object you are drawing.

Wait until the fax is sent, or use memory sending. When the MultiPASS C receives an mulipass call, it checks to see if the call is from another fax machine trying to send a document or from someone wanting to talk to you.

MultiPASS C3000

To add an individual entry, click the New Individual button on the toolbar: Sheetfed scanner – integrated. In the Custom Settings dialog box, choose Diffusion for halftoning only when printing final output or photographic images. Transparencies CF Transparencies from Canon are recommended.

Use this test print to check that each print head nozzle is operating properly.