If you cannot find an HR-equivalent datasheet for your particular flyback to check the pinout, take a multimeter that can measure capacitance up to a few hundred picofarads, between the anode, and one of the pins. Again depends on the flyback, how thick is the ferrite core, secondary wire diameter, driver, etc. Will sustain at least watts of output power, if ran in short periods or with adequate cooling. A practical problem with DST flybacks — types 4A and 4B in the picture — would be locating the high voltage return ground pin on the bottom. To find the return pin, all you need is a voltage source of over V current limited to approx.

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Dear sir, how can get an out put of 1. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Unless professionally required, a lot of high voltage enthusiasts do not wind their high voltage transformers at home.

Thus, high voltage transformers from everyday electronic appliances, such as CRT TVs and computer monitors, microwaves, automobile ignition coils etc. Depending on age of the TV or monitor which you might have disassembled, you are going to meet with these types of flyback transformers:.

A Guide to Flyback Transformers – BOGIN, JR.

My project requires a power supply with the following specifications: If that is not an option, you can try the circuit tester published here to find it. Winding your own transformer might be a better option. If the flyback needs vlyback be replaced, there will be no anode voltage on the output, or the circuits will shut the high voltage inverter in the TV down. The flyback high voltage coil I just wound by hand and I isolated each layer with just one layer of glossy paper, I used a temporary plastic core and a couple layers of glossy paper flgback match the same thickness of the ferrite core that I salvaged from an old broken flyback.


Is dcv input on the primary winding of a flyback for LG TV 15 inches normal? And that is about it, folks. This output is easily located; it is the thick red wire with a scary looking suction cup connected to the screen… Newer flybacks also have, in addition to numerous other things, a high resistance resistor cascade, dipped in epoxy, to provide information about the high voltage output to the internal driving circuitry of a TV or monitor.

What is the best way to go about this?

Can you help me get it? Also, where can specs be found? Which is better, an ohm or an inductance meter to find the correct taps on a flyback transformer? Use these flybacks for all the lower voltage, higher current needs.

A Circut multiplier usually needs an AC source. I was using some older type CFL inverters and they were all constructed in such a different way that I can only tell that 3 or 4 of them did match up on the components being used but the layout of the tracers were completely off…. Just snowy and hisses. Has slightly less secondary turns.

After all those little driver circuits that blow up almost instantly I decided to go big and got myself a huge inductor or ballast for HPS lamps, I have a second flyback from my old tv, ripped apart some old computer power flybxck for those HI-POT trafos inside and the inductors, transistors, optocouplers, rectifiers, voltage regulators and all that stuff so now I vfl a whole bunch of goodies to build myself something that makes monster archs.


First two bottom pins.

Hi Jozef, you inspired me to try and do the same thing. Prevalent in all black and white sets from early s up to circa I was able to wind 65 turns per layer and got 14 layers in total on the secondary coil which is turns in total, I think the wire is 0.

Yes, the circuits use the original primary coil that is encapsulated inside the flyback. The same as 2A, however with the high voltage rectifier integrated to the secondary, so it is a DC flyback. But how can you identify the higher-voltage transformers? This flyback type has been used in my Monster flyback driver. Used with an external rectifier block.

Now I want to further my knowledge in this field,what books would you recommend buying?

A Guide to Flyback Transformers

Higher output voltages mean longer spark. Accept and hide Reject Read More. Almost every Eastern Bloc color TV from the late 70s up to the mid 80s has a similar flyback transformer. To find the return pin, all you need is lfyback voltage source of over V current limited to approx.

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