You can set many Cloudscape properties as database-level properties. Copy the database folder and the cloudscape. Like other databases, it allows multiple threads to share the same connection, and Derby implements many SQL99 features, with extensions for Java technology. Once connected to, such a database becomes a part of the Cloudscape system, even though it is not in the system directory. Typically, Cloudscape writes this information to a log called cloudscape. Severe and non-recoverable corruption can result and may have already occurred.

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Once connected to, such a database becomes a part of the Cloudscape system, even though it is not in the system jsbc. Within Cloudscape, the name of the database is defined by the canonical path of its directory from java. This section explains how to use and configure Cloudscape in an embedded environment.

Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

Shutting Down the System In an embedded environment, when an application shuts down, it should first shut down Cloudscape. You also learned how to take advantage of Java integration to create Java functions and stored procedures.

It also allows you to perform a number of high-level tasks, such as creating a database or shutting down the system. You access an existing database by specifying it in the Cloudscape database connection URL in one of the following:. Derby provides a great deal of flexibility for system designers.

Cloudscape Version 10: A technical overview

Failed to start database ‘toursDB’, see the next exception for details. This unique combination of technical capabilities allows application developers to build data-driven applications that are pervasive run anywheredeployable clludscapemanageable, extensible, and connectable.


The size of a row or column is not limited by the page size. The IBM Cloudscape product includes Derby without any modification whatsoever to the underlying source code.

JDBC Applications and the Cloudscape Technology

Cloudscape allows you to boot databases that are not in the system directory. Applications use JDBC to interact with a database. The text file cloudscape. The database must not be booted when you remove a database.

Since most access to deployed Derby databases is through applications, Derby provides simple user authorization controls. Booting Cloudscape instance dca0a0b on database at directory C: A Java stored procedure consists of Java code that is callable from SQL, runs in the database server, and accesses the database. If it cannot create the intermediate directory, the database creation fails. The IBM Cloudscape referral page contains links intended to help you find information on Apache Derby sites as an alternative to the information previously posted at IBM.

Checkpointing marks the portions of the log that are no longer useful, writes changed pages to disk, then truncates the log. cloudscqpe

Derby includes a Network Server, but you can also run Derby in a server framework of your choice. You can also shut down an individual database if you specify the databaseName.

The data in the database disk files is stored in a portable format, so that databases can be easily transported from machine to machine regardless of the CPU architecture of each machine. All such databases are read-only.


You can also configure whether Cloudscape writes over or appends to the log with the cloudscape. Derby can be run under a Java 2 security manager. However, it does not prevent the second instance from booting, and thus potentially corrupting, the database.

Cloudscape ensures that all committed transactions are durable, even if the system fails, through the use of a database log. The embedded JDBC driver transfers data to and from the database engine without the need for network clouvscape.

If your environment is configured properly, you can created your database as an encrypted database jdb in which the database is encrypted on disk. Recommended Practice When developing Cloudscape applications, create a single directory to hold your database or databases.

Connect to cloudscape : Cloudscape « Database SQL JDBC « Java

When user authentication is enabled, an application must provide a user name and password. For example, mobile databases on notebook computers can be stolen if the notebook computer is stolen. A Derby engine can manage one or more database files, but each database file can only jdbf accessed by a single Derby engine.

The driver is available in two versions, one for SQL S erver version 6.

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