The files are here: Yes Return C2 Pointers: Whart is your opinion on changing the drive to Master so that it is compatible with Toshiba notebook? No Read Digital Audio: I will post a screenshot, first thing tomorrow. Serial Number Vendor Specific:.

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Run Nero InfoTool and make a screenshot of Configuration tab.

Compal CDRW DVD ROM Optical Drive TSB24H1 Laptop Internal Combo Toshiba Writer

I have three on my site. Under configuration tab you will see the drive listed.

The only way we can be sure is by comparing the hardware. Next press the second icon and the flashing will begin.

Compal Tsb24h1 Dvd Cdrw Ata Device Driver Download

Now click on first icon and open the firmware. I would greatly appreciate any suggestion. Find instructions about MTKFlash here: No Buffer Underrun Protection: They are not tested. Send me the file or upload it to somewhere. You need to find out wich firmware you will need. When booted you should see your compel drive as Toshiba SD-R Serial Number Vendor Specific: Maybe Compal is playing dirty.


You can download it here: And I did find it on some site in Poland! After research we found that the DVD combo was also Toshiba made and saw reference to SD … is also fine just need to flash back to Toshiba. Txb24h1 try diffrent sfdnwin. Thank you for the reply! Just flash it with inverse CSEL firmware. A hotograph co,pal the PCB whould compzl very useful.

Compal Tsb24h1 Dvd Cdrw Ata Device Driver Download

Many Thanks… If need it I can Fedex you one drive. Perhaps I can make a backup of it, what software you suggest I use?

Yes Return C2 Pointers: Also check you PM. Hi everyone, newbie here! Looks to be the same at first but then the addresses changes dramaticly. You can also try tsb24u1 sfdndos. Did a little search on internet about this Compal company. Doing it right now, Just came back from out of state. Tsb241h said the drive is identicaly as SD-R Reading your reply… I must say and agree with this site knowledge is true power!


No Read Digital Audio: It will only work with one of them. The info is clear and accurate but still no working!