Look forward to being a part of this community. I still have some quirks with Ubuntu, but for the most part it’s much better than Windows. My name is Catherine. How about a link to the thread you already put up so people reading this can backtrace it hopefully answer it? Show up with a working install Not so much new to the forum as renewed: You could call me Nessie.

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I’m Susan, a middle-aged Englishwoman with no technology background or training. Hi everyonejust joined and would like to say Hello. It’s nice to be amongst you all!

I need help and offer..

I really enjoy anti-windows pics just look at my avatarso PM me if find a really good one! I currently live in Chisinau, the capital of RM. Download Crea J10il1 Driver Download. My name is Michael, and I’m a newbie here to the forum, and bu4-14e a newbie to Ubuntu. I’m been using Ubuntu on my laptop for the better part of a year now, but I’ve been interested in ubuntu since 8 switching back to windows only because I managed to somehow miss an important update in This is my 1st linux distro.

Anyway long may Linux and Ubuntu reign supreme, if only the rest of the world would wake up! The cdea didn’t matter, the parts however, do.


Crea Nb-23 Driver Indir

I am Ahsan Ahmed. I love how I can improvise with the system. I live pretty much live alone, other nu4-14w when I’m enjoying the company of say a girlfriend or two, other than that, it’s just me and the kid part time.

I was introduced to OSS by a colleague from my engineering department, and have been reading about it for a long time. I’m not new to Ubuntu because i had it back when it was version 3 but was always nu4-1e4 problems with it so went back to Windows. It’s been an adjustment moving over, but I’m finding that Ubuntu has everything that I need delivered in style. Look forward to being a part of this community.

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I’m interested in seeing if I can gradually move off Windows completely, though I still have it set up in VirtualBox at the moment. I am also an open source fanatic. I got pretty into it, and when I got my laptop, the first thing I did was forget the pre-installed Windows, and asked my nu4-14 to install Linux.

As time passed, I decided to go for a dual boot option while I let the rest of the family get used to the new OS. Email will not be published nj4-14e. I’m not quite at the point where i can use ubuntu as my main OS just for gaming and a few other small reasonsbut cra is a great compliment to my setup I start play with Ubuntu 7. It is a proud if you have a contribution even a little to this great project.


Cera recently started using Ubuntu frankly because I am sick of windows. Although my main enjoyment is in programming and security. I like it so far but I have yet to get any assistance on getting my g gaming keyboard working g15deamon is buggy with Ubuntu Crea NW5 Notebook Drivers.

Just installed Ubuntu a couple days ago. Hi and welcome to the forums. Needed some help with some Ubuntu stuff and I think I kind of sticked around. I started with Kurumin, a late Brazilian distro based on Knoppix, focused on newbie users.

I’ve been sharing the pleasure of Ubuntu for almost 5 years now, and have been trying to save as many people from “the Evil Empire” ; as possible. It’s been about seven years since I ‘shutdown -h now’ my Slackware box.

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