When I had problems in the past namecheap tech support had me omit one of the files and that seemed to work for me. If not, the script will exit quietly. Good luck to anyone else giving this a shot. I followed the directions in the link above pretty much to a T. It could be worth elaborating on the SSL cert generation from ssls just a little.

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Thanks for the troubleshooting and update! Not helpful here but I recall reading they are looking into supporting Let’s Encrypt certificates in the future.

How to setup a Linux based UniFi controller with SSL certificates.

Maybe something got messed up when you created the csr file? Mike Rumac Store Manager, Poolequip. On your server, do:. Did you put the intermediate certs in that path? On a previous support ticket you said to have the WF running with our older drivers and kernel 4.

Replied Feb 22 The MMC driver gives me an error that a timeout expired while waiting for the hardware interrupt. Submit a new link. Everything I try I get cannot import into keystore. I am going to post a blog article about this, but let me just post the exact steps below: It could be worth elaborating on the SSL cert generation from ssls just a little. You can run a twice-daily certbot cron job that checks the expiration date on your SSL certificate, and if it expires within 30 days, it will renew it automatically.


Ubiquiti submitted 6 months ago by jaholbrook. Replied Aug 036: Passes the digicert certificate check and all. Once this is done you could browse to https: Even if you do manage to, you will break functionality between your video controller and your cameras because the two used the same certificate issued by Ubiquiti self signed so to speak however to communicate. The problem is in: Matt is a personable, likable, modest and unassuming fellow, with an understanding of all things digital and computerised.

Tried some other things and at one point I had the server say that it installed it sucessfully but what it really did was just break the site altogether because of incorrect ssl configuration.

Anyone had luck importing SSLS cert on Unifi Controller : Ubiquiti

Any help would be appreciate. Soon after we started working with Matt, we appointed his company to take care of all of our IT needs, one of our best business decisions this past year. There are two intermediate certificates belong to Amazon Amazon Root CA 1 and Amazonand the client certificate also always only one belongs to ubnt. The SDIO clock reducing didn’t make any difference. Can I change a setting so it remembers this clock speed somewhere?


On what scr was that? Thanks for the heads up. Let us take the hassle out of your IT today. Just to update this for some troubleshooting if anyone runs into the same kinda thing – I jumped on the server and there were a couple of issues. I’m running my controller on Amazon EC2 and it’s working great.

I followed starting section 15 in the link and did everything exactly as shown. Quick Google and found it at: SDIO linx clock setting:

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