The below prints 2. The password is case-sensitive. SSL secures the integrity of your data by encrypting information and providing authentication. If multiple CN parts are present, the driver validates the host name against each CN part. Subject used for authentication as shown in the following example.

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If 1 the defaultthe driver checks the data type being requested against the data type of the table column storing the data. In some cases, you may need to create DB2 packages with more than the default number of dynamic sections dh2 If your database connection is not configured to use data encryption, data is sent across the network in a format that is designed for fast transmission and can be decoded by interceptors given some time and effort.

If disableIntegrityCheckthe driver does not verify that the rows restored during the failover process match the original rows. For columns in a result set that do not map to a column in a table for example, aggregates and literalsthe DB2 driver returns an empty string. Use this property only if you need to change the driver’s default behavior.

Type2/Type4 Connection

Performance can be improved by increasing the amount of memory used by the driver before writing data to disk or by forcing the driver to never write insensitive result set data to disk. Driver class files are included in the manifest classpath in weblogic.


Determines whether the cursor stays open on commit—either DB2 leaves all cursors open Preserve cursors or closes all open cursors Delete cursors after a commit. An application can retrieve values of auto-generated keys using the Statement. Tpye4 Default is null.

JDBC type 2 and type 4 drivers

This method provides authentication from Windows clients only. If required, you can create DB2 packages in either of the following ways:. The default tupe4 0.

If this option is unchecked, the drivers are not installed. If truethe driver uses client load balancing and attempts to connect to typs4 database servers primary and alternate in random order.

Restricting results to the tables and views in the current schema improves the performance of calls for getTables typs4 that do not specify a schema. Specify values for the Java system properties javax. The driver sends a user ID in clear text and an encrypted password to the DB2 server for authentication. If you use another security policy file or if you use typd4 features that require additional permissions, see the following sections for details about required permissions.

July yype4, By default, the methods used to set the parameter values of a batch performed using a PreparedStatement must match the database data type of the column with which the parameter is associated.

I not filled out, you will find a value db2jcc something. The number of times the driver retries connection attempts until a successful connection is established. This can be useful if your application is time-sensitive and cannot absorb the wait for the failover connection to succeed.


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New data types for DB2 v9. If set to 0 the default and the ResultSetMetaData. So back to original poster’s question: UseCurrentSchema If your application needs to access tables and views owned only by the current user, performance of your application can be improved by setting this property to true. If this property is not specified, the keystore directory is specified by the javax. If your application needs to access tables and views owned only by the current user, performance of your application can be improved by setting this property to true.

Determines the amount of memory used by the driver to cache insensitive result set data.

Retrieving synonym information is expensive. I am working on a J2EE app that has been around awhile. If the certificate does not match, the connection fails and the driver throws an exception. I seem to have finally gotten a connection with db2jcc.

ProgramID The product and version information of the driver on the client to ytpe4 stored in the database.