I understand but the markets identified are small and alot of the education area’s are moving towards chrome books rather than MAC or Ipad purely because of the cost. I just wish Apple listened more to consumers and understood what us IT professionals have to deal with in a business environment. So it appears that this will have killed off alot of MAC uses in enterprises. Mar 30, Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Here is the link:. In an enterprise environment we first dealt with dongles and adapters and now when we found a product that worked for us we have to replace them now.

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I understand about DisplayLink docks, but enterprise isn’t everybody outside the home. I understand but the markets identified are small and alot of the education area’s are moving towards chrome books rather than MAC or Ipad purely because of the cost.

Yes this makes it almost impossible to maintain and support Macs in an enterprise environment where you have to argue that you need a dedicated dock thats twice or 3 times more expensive than a dock for windows machine. Oh fiamond seems like it will spell the death of apple Macs in the company where I am by the looks.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

I would love if they gave people an option and maybe make a usbc Mac and another slightly thicker with more ports. While these all worked and functioned on Wakes up perfectly for me every time. Exactly what are “displaylink monitors”? Its a poor way that Apple has handled this by the looks its the elitist attitude of a closed ecosystem rather than embracing what their users are using.


Seems there is no answer to this one other than to take the windows machine I’ve been offered and to simply relegate the Mac to the draw that the windows machine currently resides within.

There will always be the creative business professionals, who will never be satisfied with the limitations of DisplayLink; they always plug into DisplayPort or at least HDMI for the highest possible graphics quality and resolution on their high-end monitors.

I have one of them for my iPad but I uninstalled it a long time ago. A lot of software engineers and developers prefer using a Mac and have done so forever so it will cost too much in productivity to force some of the high value engineering groups to switch to a pc and to find equivalent dev tools and learn them on the PC.

Mar 30, 5: Wakes from sleep, from closed clamshell etc. However, it seems that this is not in the mind of apple at all.

Apple is making it increasingly difficult to integrate their products into a mixed environment. Notebooks Speciality level out of ten: Display link is a set of drivers that enable docks to support display, ethernet and other USB ports.

Mac Software – DisplayLink Forum

Without business purchases mac will dwindle in numbers. Here is the link: Instead of ignoring the ecosystem that the devices are used within Apple needs to embrace it to get growth and acceptance. At this time in our case ditching the Mac is not really an option. It worked perfectly with no issues. Imagine if for once there was a minor update that did not break some functionality Lack of DisplayLink is going to have a huge impact on specifically enterprise who only accept Macs to the extent that they work like PCs.


I am in the same boat.

DisplayLink macOS Software

Stop using cheap garbage docking stations that rely on undocumented APIs and hacks. Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post.

Also, plug your DisplayLink dock then shut the lid, will it wake up? I can find no reference to “displaylink” in any of Apple’s documentation.

DisplayLink launches new MAC driver for USB docking

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. This is a point release and the release notes do not call out that they are breaking functionality.

Read Apple Mini DisplayPort adapters: I’m not saying DisplayLink is unimportant, only that its failure is not going to come close to killing Macs outside the home.

Posted on Mar 30, 2: And I see a few major international corporate are also logging issues with apple.

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