The Donnay offers a bit more control and a slightly lower launch angle. Specs are not exactly the same, the later ones are stiffer and more refined on Agassi’s request , the orange and the last one share the same mould, the first yellow one is a different one, had much longer handle, different throat etc They were easy to swing even with a bit of lead at 3 and 9. So here I am at the US Open–in the stringing area. BorgCash Hall of Fame Jul 29, Customer service is not that great.

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Having worked in the tennis racket industry for a number of major companies, I find it amusing when writers on this thread talk about various manufacturers copying Donnay designs. It is a matter of feel I would say. Minimize the costs of Donnay Pro One tennis gear here at eBay and say farewell to worrying about the state of your tattered old tennis and racquet sports sonnay. Formula Pentacore Black Edition.

Donnay Pro One

Just read this sentence: Otherwise, will have to hunt for the pro stock pair! The flexible feel of the Donnay Pro One Penta 97 is definitely not for everyone.


If you are interested send me an email so I can send you the pricing etc. Donnay Pro One OS -??????????? Al Czervik Hall of Fame Dec 3, A few years ago when I heard Donnay was making a comeback I demoed one of their newer offerings, the Black Description Details Head size: Great racquet that plays every bit like the classic that kids of the ’80s and early ’90s are familiar with like myself.

I own both and occasionally pull them out in practice when I’m not using my Angells. Unfortunately have not played with Dunlop Tour or 6.

The Verdasco racquets are from a batch of testing racquets made for him. Hard to find or rare, used, and new models racquet. I had torn a tendon in my wrist and needed a stick that wasn’t gonna translate a lot of shock to my wrist. August 2, Tomas. No one is copying Donnay, no serious players are using Donnay, no one is studying Donnay. So here I am at the US Open–in the stringing area.

I loved the pt but was looking for a 16m string pattern. Kudos to them for daring to stick to low stiffness rating and urge the player to improve their technique to generate domnay power for themselves.


different donnay pro one versions ? | Talk Tennis

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. You rarely see Donnay on the tennis courts these days. The Pro One Midplus that I tested has a slightly larger, sq. If you like low-powered and flexible racquets but want more spin, I think this kind of frame will be hard to find!

No dlnnay is using Donnay.

BorgCash Hall of Fame Jul 30, Dgpsx7 Professional Dec 3, Yes, they are oen arm-friendly racquets. I was just poking fun They were easy to swing even with a bit of lead at 3 and 9.

I that you like Angell more than RF97A? Sent from my F using Tapatalk. I could immediately feel the ball sink into the string bed, and if you are fan of flex and arm-friendly racquets this could be a great option for you.

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