So it looks like it is a chipset. Leider kommt, wenn ich deine Vorgaben ins Terminal tippe, folgendes heraus: However, after reviewing the comments again I think it’s possible that Wolfgang asked you to report a new bug based on the incorrect kernel version you had stated. Other bug subscribers Subscribe someone else. I think there is a conflict between:

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Error – Failed to request Firmware.


I wanted to ubumtu some testing on older releases because I think a SRU at least for lucid should be considered. I’ll work on getting SRUs for maverick, lucid, and hardy.

This page should be edited to reflect other users’ experiences over time. We want to fix this for everyone out of the box after all.

The most recent one I’ve tried is 2. Tested on LP and Ralink says it is backward compatible, so older drivers that load the new firmware should be fine: I built a package for hardy amd64 only at the moment with the new firmware.

Download full text 4. I’ve checked out the original box from Ubunyu.


[SOLVED] D-link dwa on

Please test and post back here whether or not this fixes the issues so we can get this fixed in the natty version of linux-firmware. Visit the following links: If it doesn’t work we should try and get to the root cause of this so that it will work for everyone out of the box in oneiric.

It also shows the value of having the new drivers available through compat-wireless packages. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

D-Link Technical Support

Rolf Leggewie r0lf wrote on Then connect to the internet with whatever works for you e. I told you earlier that all those so called supported versions above 2. Please post this ID.

Nach einem Kernelupgrade muss die Prozedur dann wiederholt werden. It is a misconception that rtusb is the wrong module. If I connect to another router or if I use the rtusb driver with Oneiric or rtsta with Natty it works perfectly.


The root of the problem is that the stick isn’t correctly identifying so the wrong driver is loaded xwa-140 there is a bug in one of the subsystems libusb, udev etc. A SMC A: Duplicates of this bug Bug The rtpci driver has measurably progressed since earlier releases:.

Post as a guest Name. OK, I’ve blacklisted rtsta und unblacklisted the other ones but that doesn’t work, NetworkManager shows “firmware missing” like described above.

Dann wird der Stick wieder nicht erkannt und ich muss erneut mit Hilfe des Terminals die dkms-Befehle aus Deinem Post eingeben. From looking at the code they should just take the first half of an 8KiB firmware and ignore the rest.

Bug seems to be about the same problem and has identified a working firmware. Bus Device Muss es in der “dkms. From the staging driver loaded I assume it will be 07d1:

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