Echo Settings Controls The Echo Console allows the user to control the audio in and out settings and clock functions. This took all of three minutes. I used my acoustic guitar, running it through my mixer and into the Darla24 inputs. A check of the system files showed everything was working correctly. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:

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With this card, clean, robust instrument sounds were all I heard. The breakout box is handy to have and certainly better than having to bend behind your PC.

These are high-performance converters and work well in this system as you will see. Considering the specifications of the AKM converters, the noise floor is not surprising.

Results 1 to 10 of I recorded a basic drum track with the Drop and Drag Drummer and then began to add instruments to it.

Useability Clearly, this card is marketed at a price point ceho at the entry level “prosumer. The option I finally chose was to put a little pedestal next to my PC for the breakout box. Basically I wanted to be able to send a few things into the PC for MP3 and possibly digital mastering. In addition, input monitoring adjustments can be made here. This is a quiet card. Separation of tones was easy to discern. This daroa24 all well and good but this one is too short. I made an impulse buy at GC today.


I can see using the eight outputs in a mix setting routing to an outboard mixer ecoh ADAT for instance. To me, four inputs and six outputs makes more sense. You got one helluva deal I’ve seen some BBS’s that discuss the revered Delta and from what was being said regarding their driver support you’d think THAT was a discontinued card My Gina 20 is WAY older than that and still works fine.

Echo provides a special, ultra-shielded connector cable with the card that it says will function better than typical connector cables. The package also comes with the Echo Reporter – – a handy utility that analyzes your system capabilities before you install.

Echo Darla24 Specifications:

While having the breakout box is very handy, I was frustrated by how short the provided cable was. I did not discern any significant “coloration” of the audio caused by the Darla I used my acoustic guitar, running it through my mixer and into the Darla24 inputs. Sound Quality With a published dynamic range of dB, I figured I should be able to pack a lot of signal into each recorded track.

The bundled Cool Edit Pro SE, is an adequate starter software and will get you up and recording quickly. The input monitoring window has a buttons that correspond to the output pair. Overall, the audio spectrum was evenly represented, with beefy lows and crisp highs.


As such, it does a very fine job and has high quality converters which sound terrific. The user can set different input monitoring levels for each output pair, the Console will remember each independent setting. Initially, the only place I could put the breakout box was on top of my PC. The only important question.

ECHO Darla 24 Event bit/96khz Professional Digital Multitrack Recorder MINT | eBay

The time now is The best thing that can be said for any soundcard is that you do not know it is there when you record. Well- does it work? My search here on the Echo Darla brought some older info about models that did not have balanced ins and outs and one that said it only accepted digital ins and I panicked until I rechecked the specs on the box.

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