Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The band’s style was also changed to Penis Metal. Happy April Fool’s Day, everyone. Later the same day another announcement was made that the staff had changed their minds by bringing back the reviews as well as having every future review accepted automatically. Sat Dec 29, 1: Safe to say, no other resource comes close to being as thorough and comprehensive.

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Selling and Buying Board Forum for selling and buying music-related wares from other metalheads. Comment on the reviews posted on the site, or request ones you’d like people to write.

Recommendation Central Looking to take all of that pesky legwork out of your listening experience? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Over the past few months we have discussed this problem amongst the staff metsllum the bottomline is this: December 31st Nefastu Obscura Diamhea had a stellar work ethic here. It’s time to move on. Upcoming albums Shadow Puncher One Path to the Best viewed without Internet Explorer, in x resolution or higher.

This page was last edited on 21 Octoberat Reviews Discussion Comment on the reviews posted on the site, or request ones you’d like people to write. We have a present for you”. Please report any problem you encounter to me.

Upcoming albums – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Safe to say, no other resource comes close to being as thorough and comprehensive. Sat Dec 29, 1: The site has a tradition of April Fool’s Day pranks that are sometimes taken seriously. Feedback Center Give feedback on music-related trades, sales, or purchases with distros and other metalheads in here.


To make things worse, the “needed” length of a digital release has become a constant source of misunderstandings, inconsistent definitions and frustration, both amongst our userbase and staff-internally. Here’s to anotherbands and more! The length aspect is going to be greatly deemphasised when it comes to eligible digital-only bands.

The challenge started at All noteworthy bands have been catalogued, and then some.

Upcoming albums

Tue Dec 25, 9: One of our moderators, Christopher Santaniello, known to us by his handle Diamheahas died. Certain genres related to metal that the site does not accept are djent and nu metalalthough some bands who are on the site have released albums in the latter genre examples being Machine Headwho released two nu-metal albums while the genre was at its peak in popularity, but have spent most of their career as a groove metal band, and Soulflywho started out as nu-metal before moving away from that sound, and were accepted on the basis of their later albums.

Fri Dec 28, 3: Link 2nd DM Review Challenge: These guidelines were used because while the physical release rule has long served us well as a measuring stick of eligible bands, simply extending the general criteria of this approach to digital work comes with a number of issues; issues mainly stemming from the potentially ephemeral nature of internet releases and the relative ease of putting together an album compromising the original intent behind the physical release enyclopaedia.


Inthe prank consisted on the addition of several mostly praising reviews of an EP called Penis Metal released by Chilean black metal band Hades Archer, followed by the addition of the band’s logo and pictures which included penis on them. Again, please do not add streaming-only releases of any kind.

Encyclopaedia Metallum – Wikipedia

For more information, or to participate in discussions about the challenge, please visit this thread here. On 1 Januarythe site announced that bands with entirely digital discographies could now be submitted to the Archives, changing the site’s decade-long policy of physical releases only. These were taken down the next day.

This requirement was intended as a rough point of orientation, as a more concrete representation of a “proper” and “serious” album that mods could consistently apply when faced with hundreds of new bands in the queue.

Wed Dec 26, 4: Sat Dec 29,

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