Should of known considering that the irons are sold out at EVERY reputable store in my area including the few reputable online dealers. The fonts character styles are selected not only to represent the image of the company but to make counterfeiting difficult. Duane, It gives me great pleasure to reply to your comments that my accusations about Rockbottom are ill-founded and unqualified. One of the questions I asked was where they get there golf clubs from. Recently purchased what was suspose to be taylormade R11 driver for The reviews available on their website are reassuring but its still a guess. So they turn to the U.

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10 Ways (NOT) To Buy Fake Golf Clubs on EBAY!

Visa offers almost no protection, MC better am told that they will fight when counterfit — remains to be seenAMEX best which is why they probably do not take AMEX Also — these guys will post fake blogs saying they are legit. Upon review, some of the warning flags mentioned here are present — questionable grammer, no phone number or physical address, no customer reviews. Did you notice is was hard to understand, it started one sentence with a lower case letter and that it used American spelling when it is trying to pass itself off as a British website with prices in pounds sterling.


Pretty sure he will have a good read. They only sell to those that are greedy. All the other photos calladay the clubs are usually always from my stock of clubs, I may not take pics for each listing if I have a number of the same for sale. How about gurugolf and empire-golf? Someone on a 20 handicap, no; someone on a 12 handicap, no; someone on a 4 handiap, no.

Wondering what you think of the calaway suno golf, istock golf and golfplayer We want you to get the most out of your money, time and performance. This is a very enlighten article. Do you know of the link I need to check out my ft-i driver.

Anyone ever heard of or used officegolfshop. The prices seem to good to be true. The other significant difference is the serial number etching locations It has no physical address, some of literature on the website is in pidgin English, telephone number is only for taking orders and amazingly they claim to have sold 10 million sets of clubs.

Real or fake – Callaway Community

I had a unique thought…. Do they have a phone number or mailing address? Many of the younger kids were talking about a place called http: Are overstock clubs real are just another fake product? Retail stores such as, Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, and others must sign pricing agreements with the manufacturer before they are allowed to sell their clubs.


Its hard to say wether or not you got legit clubs without seeing them or knowing how much you paid.

How to Tell Fake Callaway Clubs

I just started and im very keen on purchasing a used club set from Globalgolf. Nate — did the serial number check out? I though it was an American site. The site purports to be out of Chicago. Thank You for your attention… Jeff. Need to ask your favour here.

How about knock offs? The biggest two differences in the head are the the size and location of the “9. Anyone had any experience of http: So they sold through the gray market.

I have a serial number for the driver but how do i check it or input the serial number in Callaways site. Not looking forward to that.

This site has been mentioned in some of the comments above, but can anyone confirm that this is a genuine site and good to diabli from?

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