Officially licensed by Ferrari, the Ferrari F Force Feedback Racing Wheel is built to be the exact replica of a Ferrari F steering wheel and equipped with wide, weighted pedals made out of medal. Home Press Press release. The latest addition to the range of Thrustmaster racing wheels produced under Ferrari licence, the Ferrari F FFB Racing Wheel , perfectly illustrates this commitment. If you order it with the Thrustmaster Ferrari F racing wheel, you will save even more – there is an additional discount for the bundle. There are also five positions, just like on the real one. To formulate it simpler – Thrustmaster Ferrari F racing wheel set is an excellent budget alternative in every single way, naturally not as good as top-ranked wheels, like the T RS. As a matter of fact, there is at least one and it is proudly unveiled by Thrustmaster!

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The Ferrari F Force Feedback Racing Wheel forgoes the usual 6-speed gearbox and opts for the more realistic dual aluminum gear shift levers.

Thrustmaster Ferrari F430 Force Feedback Racing Wheel for PC

Htrustmaster the Thrustmaster Ferrari F driving wheel set the manettino can be set similarly. Whereas numerous videos and reviews of the Ferrari F and Schumi testing the Scuderia-edition are available with a simple search on the worldwide web, actually driving such a car cannot be classified as affordable by any means.

Based on the growing realism of car racing gamesclosing laps and making hat tricks just like a real pilot without having to leave your home is now possible. Home Products Racing Wheels.

A review of the Thrustmaster Ferrari steering wheel

The latest addition to the thhrustmaster of Thrustmaster racing wheels produced under Ferrari licence, the Ferrari F FFB Racing Wheelperfectly illustrates this commitment.

The high-position is to unleash rather strong vibrations by the mighty Haptic Feedback motor. In order to sink your teeth into the virtual car-racing and simulator world ofgetting a good working Force-Feedback racing wheel set is not enough. The Ferrari F FFB PC features 10 accessible buttons and includes advanced technologies already implemented by Thrustmaster, such as the use of a dual pulley, belt and gears system for the force f4330 mechanism or the Force button, which enables users feedbzck activate or deactivate the wheel’s automatic centering feature, even in the midst of a race.


There are three positions tnrustmaster It also features a 5-position “Manettino” dial, which is an easily accessible rotary switch that enables drivers to swiftly adjust their settings or activate specific features in the midst of a race.

Metal is also used in the racing wheel’s axis and ball bearings to ensure optimum solidity, fluidity and precision. Reviews 2 yfucvssxcqtcevxqbcrcvzatubufte yfucvssxcqtcevxqbcrcvzatubufte.

Thrustmaster – Technical support website

Compatible with all racing games which support Force Feedback racing wheels. That is why, the rubber-coated wheel does provide you with a good, non-sweaty grip.

Mixed belt-pulley and gears system Flexible and ultra-quiet Force Feedback mechanism. In addition, it is compatible with any PC driving wheel, including the Thrustmaster Ferrari F racing wheel. Certainly, it also has to be durable being more of a long-term investment and possibly low- to mid-priced, so that you do not have any guilty conscience issues afterwards having spent too much on a thing although essential, yet particularly related to your free time.

feednack Info Features Media Where to buy. Also after being taken by the co-owner Bernie Ecclestone who arranged all the commercial rights accordingly also in the mid- 70’s. Add it to your Ferrari-licensed Thrustmaster Ferrari F video game racing wheel and you will get closer to the evergreen driving pleasure, thrustmwster a true Italian supersport car can provide you with. You will have to do it for every game you are to play and there are many games which do not really support that many settings.

Home Press Press release. They are also made of metal in order to withstand the punishing use you will most likely put them through Realistic Ferrari-Style Gear Shift Levers Located on the wheel are two aluminum gear shift levers modeled after the Ferrari F Clamp Down The included pro clamping system with a metal structure allows you to lock down your steering wheel unit to a surface so that it won’t accidentally move or shift in the middle of a race Powerful Force Feedback Making hairpin turns and hitting insane speeds are no longer without consequence as the asphalt road “fights” back with vibrations.


Ferrari is synonymous with victory and competition, values that players appreciate Ferrari and Thrustmaster share the same values: An exact replica of the Ferrari F steering wheel, this controller is unique owing to its specific shape, its elegant design and its pure, streamlined looks.

It is officially licensed by Ferrari and it represents both a replica of the Ferrari F’s driving wheel and an affordable racing wheel set. On the other, having a couple of full turns possible just like driving a real car there is far less possibility of damaging or even breaking the wheel, so you should have this in mind using it.

Discover Under this licence. To formulate it simpler – Thrustmaster Ferrari F racing wheel set is an excellent budget alternative in every single way, naturally not as good as top-ranked wheels, like the T RS.

And similar to a leather instead of rubber covering of the wheel, it would g430 mainly raised its price, rather than making it better in any way. Even if bouncing through the rugged terrain tracks in Colin McRae Dirt 2 for long hours, there is not that much heat generated. Of course, leather would have looked nicer, but it would make it more expensive to produce.

This multi-billion dollar sport which has been the reason for millions worldwide to wake up in the early morning hours, in order to watch the races and qualifications live has been greatly contributed by Ferrari. Thruetmaster is also featured around the centre pad, as well as on the sequential gear shift levers and pedal set.

But what about actually operating it? The third and final disadvantage I can think of is the length of the USB-cable attached to the electronic gaming seat system.

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