One more advantage that LightScribe media has over Labelflash media is the ability to burn a design multiple times to improve the definition. Then, complete the Bottom Text field with what you want written on the bottom. Another significant factor to consider is the supported media. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Is Amazon actually giving you the best price? I wonder if yours is over a year old.

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Ask New Question Sign In. The process should not take longer than two minutes. The discs are blue in color and are only available in DVD formats.

One radio show I plan to send to several relatives has hour long shows on mp3, so it will take over 20 cdr’s to fit that one series of shows. What is a VFD control panel? Next, you need software that knows how to burn such labels. Simple Question Are the hardware and discs proprietary?

How to Burn Labels on the Back of Your Discs (CDs & DVDs) | Digital Citizen

But for gifts LB discs looks more professional to me and save for the time issue and the sketchy UV damage issue, would be able to do simple labeling tasks in the future on a laptop with no need for pightscribe printer. W e all want g orgeous, easy to create LightScribe labelsbut to do that we need LightScribe Software that is: Sorry, there was a problem flagging this post.


One disc gatewayy now and then taking 20 minutes perhaps, but for personal use I would still probably rather just write on the disk with a magic gatewway My family have been in the plastics industry for many years and I have used a product not designed to repair damaged cd’s but when I used products that were made for that and did not work tried it and it did bring back those same discs. If you need media that can be left out in the Sun and rain, this is not the solution.

I wonder if yours is over a year old. Who is it good for? Labelflash drives and media can be hard to come by in the United States, where as it is quite popular in Europe and Asia, though rumor has it that soon Labelflash will lifhtscribe more widely available in the United States.

Gateway DL Dvd±rw DVD Burner With Light Scribe Drive Kued | eBay

Perhaps I would be better off with getting an gateqay Hard Drive that has one or the other? In addition to the Video Training that comes with the LightScribe Toolbox Premium you get access to me via my personal email address. I have a few non-residue leaving products in mind so they dont damage a drive when played.

Still would like to know about the drives though.

Gateway DL Dvd±rw DVD Burner With Light Scribe Drive Ku0080e012831039d92600

Hewlett-Packard discontinued support of LightScribe technology in To do this you need to look under the System Information tab to see if your driveis there. Set at full quality, gatewag drives take roughly half an hour or more to burn a label to a disc. Though Hewlett-Packard has reported that LightScribe labels should last the lighgscribe of the disc itself, it is recommended that one keep his discs stored away from heat and direct sunlight, as the label may begin to fade prematurely.


What are the components of a control panel? We very much enjoyed testing TP-Link Lifhtscribe M5 v1, and we were curious to see whether v2 is an even better model. I haven’t tested the sun damage issue, but all the manufacturers warn against it, especially in cars. If you look on the back of these discs, you notice that they have nothing printed lightscrlbe them.

I have burned on a DVD the complete backup of 7 Tutorials. Light Scribe vs Gateways Label Flash?? You can use it only to burn labels. Using Text — Put any text in any position. It seems that there has not been a test done to know real world sensitivity, so I will do one myself.

They are not interchangeable. Delivering the training in 10 bite-size tutorials allows you to review the section you need, giving you the results you want in the fastest time.