Early returns suggested the line could be Antioch’s strength. Some describe it as a pernicious weed. Each captioned film plays all day long for three days in one of the cinema’s 20 theaters. Do you know what needs to be done? In his ruling last week, Reed asked Kaplan to harvest all the apples growing on the property this fall be- fore doing anything with the proper- ty. I am sure you are growing some of these al- ready. It is now used In parades and is a very popular reminder of the history of the department.

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Help him or her first, then ask your questions. In the past we have been 40 miles from absolutely nowhere, where roads are unpaved and front lawns are used by bears for whatever they dam well please.

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If all creditors will not fit on this page, use the continuation sheet provided. It Involves evening meetings and a creative mind. One must have the time to volunteer as well as attend the training which will occur Wednesdays, Jan. While working as a Peace Corps Volun- teer, Sarsfield had learned of an ar- chaic ship building process on the coast of Bahla In Brazil. If a joint petition is filed, state whether the husband, wife, both of them, or the marital community may be liable on each claim by placing an “H”, “W”, “J”, or “C” in the column labeled “Husband, Wife, Joint, or Community”.


Large fax/moddm are entered individually while smaller va- rieties may require six to 12 speci- mens. Chris Leibhman was second in the age group, Daucus Carota is of the pars- ley family, a biennial that rises in its second year from a yellow taproot to a height of 2 to 4 feet.

Computer Parts International, Inc. Initial construction work at the former entrance area ot the school has related to underground tnOltfea. Master Gardeners are involved in a number of activities, including an swering phone calls from home owners who have gardening ques- tions, staffing answer booths locat- ed throughout the county during the summer, working with senior citizens, and giving slide presenta- tions to gardening groups.

It’s geared lo your mortgage interest rate, either fixed or adjustable. After proper permits are received, repairs would take place this fall or early winter while water levels are low and before the lake freezes.

Entries wUl be accepted on Friday evening Aug. fsx/modem

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Wc first anchored off a small beach on Buck Island, to allow those new to snorkeling to get some shallow water lessons. A top-notch dance company performing in numbers like “The Stardust Waltz,” Green’s “Suddenly There’s You,” and Bea’s emotional “Fifty Percent,” raise the level of an otherwise mediocre musical score. Fidelity Investments Institutional Operations Co.

For individuals who want to support the l on nidation, the site has a copy of the current financial report, and an opportunity to sup- port the work of the Foundation. Ricchio provided a summary of construction progress to board members as they toured areas under construction. For children, there are hamburgers and hot-dogs. Summarize the following types of liabilities, as reported in the Schedules, and total them.


Dunni- the fight, two shotsf re heard, with tlw Secretary of I iriense fatally wounded and the blonde in- nocently injured. Zee Medical Service CO. Ail former, present and new members must audition. gatewau

The contest wilt run for 8 weeks and you can enter as marry times as you want. Don’t let your personal problems keep you from enhancing your career. The Wildcats return quarterback.

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Ana Sanchez Spring Rd. Include all names used by the nondebtor spouse during the eight years immediately preceding the commencement of this case. We need to set to r- the bottom of this.?

This year it was also discovered in he Ravenswood area of Chicago. The exhi- bition, titled “A Friend of the Family. Pontiac, and George Rogers Clark.

Marcus Ramirez Royal Ave. The location for the rendezvous is the Lake County Fairgrounds, U.

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