Sign up using Facebook. I had the same problem. This is another major performance release. Watir code is tested with 2. ABOUT file for this package.

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An open source Ruby library for automating tests. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of weebdriverprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Watir-webdriver gem in cloud9ide Ask Question.

We got some professional help to tidy things up and add a few new features. Say hello to WatirPump Continue Reading Login to resync this project.

cloud9 ide – Watir-webdriver gem in cloud9ide – Stack Overflow

Refreshed Website Yes, the website looks a little different! Wtir to your forked repository. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Make sure Firefox is installed or set the path manually with Selenium:: I did the following on my c9 instance: Titus Fortner on December 16, Please help us test this new code before the official release.


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Element specs are run with Selenium Statistics gem to verify that changes to the code do not dramatically decrease wwbdriver performance based on wire calls. Introducing Nerodia Attention Pythonistas: Watir code is run through Coveralls to encourage PRs to ensure all paths in their code have tests associated with them.

I had the same problem. Make sure it is passing doctests. It looks like cloud9 doesn’t play nicely, at first glance, with xvfb ge, a virtual frame buffer which is required to run firefox without a display.

Titus Fortner on May 18, Then I followed the instructions at watirwebdriver.

Send a pull request. Watir uses yard-doctest to directly test our documentation examples. MrAutoIt 4 Something wrong with this page?

Watir is using Rubocop to ensure a consistent style across the code base. For our users, everything you’ll need is on the Watir website: Developing Extensions When developing a gem intended to be used with Watir, you can run your code with WatirSpec to make sure that requiring your code does not break something else in Watir.


Maybe try mechanize instead? After a lot of trial and error I found running Install firefox and xvfb: Documentation watir Watir Powered By Selenium! Below is the error I receive in the Cloud9 IDE when attempting to run my very basic watir test script.

Create a new feature branch bonus points for good names. Titus Fortner on September 2, First, add WatirSpec Rake tasks to your gem: Titus Fortner on September 11,

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