It’s not bad at all The system’s excellent dispersion and precise imaging together with its compact size make it ideal for near field monitoring, broadcast and TV control rooms, mobile vans, home studios and traveling engineers. I like their side precision tool except the bass , but do not like listening to music on it. Sort by most recent most useful. Nevertheless, I find their lack of clarity and brilliance? Especially when using a large number of items, it quickly becomes a soup. I will choose the same, may be more difficult to do today and then a little more, li is that manufacturers want to make their products more affordable in this range and thus lower manufacturing cot, so worse hit which may require in the range above, I will surely one day in 15 or 20 years.

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By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies. The stro image is impressive, the sound is generally very good for my taste, the whole spectrum is very repsent correctly, the dynamic is amazing, I reproach them sound “a bit” draft geenlec the mdium especially in a loaded mix. Accurate, pleasing to the ear, not tiring Did you try many other models before getting this one?

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Very good treble reproduction. Log in Become a member.

Ibanez Icon IK Multimedia. I find the sound a bit compressed in the geneelc notament: The sound has motivated my choice first, the esthetic attracted me so I confess, I used as studio speakers to the mix, and pr-mastering. Better than on my HS80 less Chres evec which I mix That said, question pure listening pleasure, well, contrary to other opinions above, I am disappointed. The A’s have XLR connections in the back, as well as a series of tuning buttons for tuning them to your specific room.


In short, I understand better why a technician at Radio-France where are in all studios and cabins told me they were not ready to change. I have 3 days from the limited edition of that geneldc

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Having said this, the Genelec A’s are a fine set of monitors in their own right and are definitely worth looking at. Because the amplifiers are built into the speaker enclosure, the only connections required are the mains supply and the line level input signal, making the Geneoec very easy to set up and use.

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SOUNDS You want neutral buy the band filters that go ahead and do an acoustic at home, make each suite and work ncessaire. Keyboards and Digital Pianos. Orange Origin Effects Ormsby Ortofon.

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Everyone should do the same in AF, I do genelev prtention serve as an example, but I find it rewarding to TRS I said that we should not give them a mix because they were more Tolra my HS80I think these dernires HS80 make the mix quite complex and is trs hard to have a mix that sounds good on it. So they should certainly not be tollrantes. On the big bands, big band style strings, where the confusent a little, they restore everything perfectly.


The Dynaudio’s give some more low end, but the A’s have some qualities that the Dynaudio’s don’t. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. I cost my mixes on these speakers in a small studio or good home studio, as you want Clarity, precision and dynamic me look ggenelec good, as I listen genelwc albums very well produced and well mixed.

Cookies help us improve performance, enhance user experience and deliver our services. Guitar Pedals Effects Pedals. For best foundation for serious, not always necessary, depending on the style of Zique, I have reinforced with the housing The highs are generally very good.

National Native Instruments Neat Microphones. Be careful not to over-ride the volume may no longer be objective in the mix and the risk of ear pain after a session! One thing is to listen to the studio, another to have them in front of you home studio situation and listening pleasure. Ben I just mix in 3 dB, yes yes to respect them, everything is high! Size boomer oblige, a little lack in bass, but the views of what I cost a cot, I head to class.

Old frequenter of studios, I’m fully aware of these speakers which I have heard many of Monitoring and mixes, including some well-known album.