Cut through The cutting mat is changed from Teflon mat to Felt mat so that the media can be cut through. I did have a few problems with the machine in the few years that I did own the plotter. If you need to cut really large ites. Incorporates ARMS to ensure precise cutting. The ability to control various plotter settings from a PC dramatically improves work and operating efficiency. I chose the CE model because is built to last and cuts very accurately.

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This plotter helps increase work efficiency and productivity.

Graphtec CE Cutters- Wide Format | eBay

It is light and easy to put in a vehicle. Subsequent registration marks are automatically redetected even if sensing errors occur, simplifying the process of registration mark sensing.

The outstanding ease-of-use and performance of the ARM function increases label and sticker productivity. In addition to outstanding basic performance, the CE incorporates a range of features such as registration mark detection ploter ensure high-precision cutting of printed materials.

The stand, roll media rack, and media basket are provided as standard to ensure the reliable longlength output that is frequently required ggraphtec the apparel industry. The MH was a very basic vinyl cutter that works alright for a beginner or someone just planning to cut for their personal use. Standard roll media holder A standard roll media holder ensures consistent media feeding. Cutting versatility for a wide range of applications Window display. Incorporates ARMS to ensure precise cutting.

CE series:Imaging products:Graphtec Corporation

Since owning the machine which I bought brand newI’ve only had to change the blade twice. Taking full advantage of its experience and technologies in cutting plotter systems, Graphtec has created a new cutting plotter for garment pattern making with the apparel CAD system.


Feature for higher versatility 2 pens The pen carriage holds both a plotting pen and a cutter pen at grphtec same time to enable easy switching between plotting and cutting operations.

All Graphtec’s come with a free Adobe plug-in called Cutting Masterwhich is absolutely free and works great. This enables high-precision positioning of graputec whole area of skewed prints produced using long-length printing.

This application allows direct control of a wide range of CE functions from a PC, including cutting speed, cutting pressure, pen movement, and ARMS control. The intermediate plogter marks in the media feed direction are detected to allow four-point correction for each individual segment area.

The application provides a function for use on stickers or labels. Create and edit graphics and text for simple film cutting. Handy accessory storage space A storage space is provided for small, frequently-used items such as cutter plungers and cutting blades. Search Think Entrepreneurship Search for: You get what you pay for… In I decided to get a new, reliable, quiet, and workhorse vinyl plotter.

This eliminates the need for any complicated settings by the user and enables immediate plotter output. My first vinyl plotter and why I’d recommend investing in a good quality Graphtec CE machine.

The first registration mark is detected automatically, eliminating the need to move the sensor cw5000 the registration mark manually. Designed for ease of operation with the front loading of roll media The design features front loading for easy loading of heavy roll media.


I wanted to do a review on the Graphtec CE vinyl plotter because it has been such a handy tool for my business. In addition to its suite of sophisticated features, the Cutting plotter is designed for easy of operation.

Graphtec CE5000

The ARMS automatic registration mark sensing function detects printing positions for high-precision cutting. Vinyl Cut off Area — There is graphtdc groove in the plotter that can be used as a straight graptec to cut off the vinyl after it has been cut. Layout instructions are sent together with the cutting data for designs printed using layout functions such as RIP, enabling continuous detection of registration marks for cutting. In I decided to get a new, reliable, quiet, and workhorse vinyl plotter.

Registration mark data including size and spacing can be controlled to simplify operations.

Durable — The Graphtec CE is made of high quality metals, and not a bunch of plastic parts like cheap plotters are made of.

Includes a range of software applications that improve work efficiency and simplify operations. After talking with quite a few sign shops and dealers, they recommended to go plottwr the Graphtec CE for its quality, durability, ease of use, and price.