Find my local user group Use my location. Connect with like-minded Atlassian users at free events near you! That fixed it for me. If you can’t import it then you could try including hsqldb. This will resolve the “serverName undefined”. Can you import the driver org.

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Hello v ray, Thanks a million! So, I added this row to hwqldb Manifest file for hsql bundle: DriverManager comes from rt. Regards, Jan to post an image on the ranch, you have to upload it to some internet site, and then link to it. DriverManager to get a connection and instead built up an instance of org.

Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page. This will resolve the “serverName undefined”.

In some cases check permissions ownership. But recieve the following error: No suitable driver found for jdbc: Hi Audra, What steps are you following when you get this error? I upgraded from jdk 5 and jdk 6 and it worked.

It might be that hsql: Can you import the driver org. Unfortunately there are no AUG chapters near you at the moment. I had the same problem with spring, commons-dbcp and oracle 10g.


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Navigating to the appropriate directory, opening a command prompt there, and calling the java jar file though mine wasn’t java -jar h I’ve overridden the configLocations as follows:. I was facing similar problem and to my surprise the problem was in the version of Java. Corrupt files, incorrect permissions or virus checkers can all kill the access to the driver.

Not including this can I’m not sure if it is the case here confuse the parsing of the URL, which may lead to the DriverManagerDS thinking that your driver is not suitable it is found, but it thinks it is not a good one.

What steps are you following when you get this error? Sign hsqlcb using Email and Password. My IDE of choice is eclipse. My own fault really and I’m working to try to restore as best as possible.

Bug – eption: No suitable driver found for jdbc:hsqldb:data/tutorial

You can do this the same way as in this example. Get fast answers from people who know.

That suggests either an installation that was for one of the supported databases, or a damaged install that the database driver has been rendered unusable. Showing pictures that are located on your computer does not work. I changed the hsqldb bundle to be fragment simply added the “Fragment-Host: No suitable driver found” error.


The main drawback is that it is not possible by default to connect to the database from outside your application. Thanks for pointing out my mistake.

Exception: No suitable driver found for jdbc:hs |JBoss Developer

The exception is raised when the spring context is initialised and the database is generated but this fails:. The root cause of my problem I believe had to do with the classloader hierarchy and the fact that the JRE hsqkdb running Java 5.

Forums Downloads Projects Buzz. Hello, Yes,I am connecting to the db,mydemo.