I have a problem similar to Surya’s. If the drivers are already loaded, make sure you are a member of the vtune user group. My suggestion should have also worked, trading your source download and kernel rebuilt time for a fresh product download time, which should have produced an installation with a prebuilt coprocessor driver that should also have worked and has the added advantage that it’s using the latest release of VTune Amplifier, with whatever additional bug fixes and feature releases that come with the new code. Cannot Open Data Error Message: Sample Count – Hardware Events Window: This problem happens due to EBS driver not being loaded or due to user not having correct permissions.

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Restarting PC will be helpful since mic device will be restart. Robert This problem occurs very occasionally.


Add a Comment Sign in Have a technical question? I also observed this with MPSS 3.

I finished working on this before I could read your reply. Setting group ownership of devices to group “vtune” For more details, please see the release notes.

Source Search Hot Keys Menu: Options – Result Location Pane: Cannot Open Data Error Message: See Also Sampling Drivers. Please see the insmod-sep3 options: For some input size this problem occurs.

Perhaps you need a newer VTune Amplifier?

Event Count – Hardware Events Window: I hate “occasional problems”–they tax our patience to reproduce them. I have the same problem with Vtune: When I execute amplxe-cl: Guessed Stack Frames Problem: For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice. PAX service is accessible to users in group “vtune”. You have to download the MPSS sources and find the file linux Summary – Hotspots Window: The driver may need to be re started.

Setting file permissions on devices to “” Have site or software product issues?



Leave a Comment Please sign in to add a comment. Hello, I need a little help. Skip to main content. Problem accessing the sampling driver. Platform Power Analysis Window: I found a solution to build the sep kernel modules for the thr MIC kernel.

Am using aampling in network mode. Perhaps the trouble you are seeing results from some trouble with the installed code? At times I kill both amplxe-cl and amplxe-runss process.

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