Enter a passkey on both the phone and the keyboard. If you want to turn heads and impress your friends though, the VKB should be on the top of your list. Then, if movement is detected again, the projection will reappear. Also, the key configuration is somewhat non-traditional, particularly since the keyboard sides are sloped and not squared off like a conventional keyboard. Problem was that the CD in teh box was a very early version of drivers as it was a demo unit, so I borrowed a more up-to-date CD which had the proper drivers for the M Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme review: Only the system currently being adjusted needs to be projected.

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It can only be paired correctly with one device at a time. Got my iTech keyboard today and after about 3.

I-Tech Bluetooth Virtual Keyboard

We carried out our test in an office, and found brown surfaces better than black, and in darker corners generally better than bright ones. When the typist touches the key projected onto the surface, their finger itwch the infrared plane and reflects the infrared light back toward the VKB module.

Hi guys, does anyone have any instructional advice for making my bluetooth vkb work with my HTC Blue angel orange spv m? Listen for 2 bleeps. If you hear this, go and bang you head vmb a wall a few times before re-attempting.

As more and more technology is worn or integrated itefh devices and vehicles, as technology becomes more integrated with its user and with other technology, it will become more and more desirable to detach the means of input from the cumbersome plastic keyboard.


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If that doesnt work, try using it on your PC with the driversit could be that its not supported with your devices. In environments like hospitals or labs that need to be kept completely sterile, cleaning the VKB is literally as easy as wiping down a table. I never got the message asking “Is this the first time The keyboard template is itexh using a red laser diode focused through a specially designed holographic optical element.

It may use something other than a COM port though It’ll usually give the passcode to use in there.

I know something’s not right with the driver because when I iitech on the connections tab in VKB, it brings back six keyboards, none of which work!! You can also configure the sensitivity of the keyboard.

The Pocket Loox is not listed as one of the devices in the installation software for the VKB but I have read a couple of comments elsewhere that say it can be installed without any clues as to how to go about it! The first option allows you to set a timer for the keyboard projection to turn off. PDA manufacturers face a constant problem in trying to balance size and functionality.

Mine reconnects now every time I turn the phone on and the keyboard itexh on. If you want a sure-fire conversation starter on your next flight to Des Moines, this is it. There are some oddly shaped keys in some odd positions.

Handheld computers with integrated keyboards used to be quite common. Report on Similar Technologies http: We experienced missed keys, double characters and incorrect presses, although these did reduce significantly as time went on and we became accustomed to the peculiarities of the device. If I’ve understood the question correctly, you can use whatever nuber you like “” for example, as long as you enter the same code on both when pairing, it doesn’t itecj what it is.


Continue to stress over how long it will work before you are unable to connect again, and pat yourself on the back for living the high-stress, painful life of an “early adopter”! We liked the flexibility of using both timers in conjunction, setting the projection timer gkb one minute, and the power timer to five. Essentially, it eliminates the need for a cramped keyboard on your mobile device, and allows you the freedom of typing itecb a complete QWERTY keyboard.

Don’t buy an itech VKB / Virtual bluetooth keyboard / pairing problem

The VKB is a virtual keyboard, which uses a laser to project the image of a keyboard onto any reasonably flat surface. In addition, this technology just plain IS the future. WAIT a few seconds! Say “Yes” to “Is this the first time The VKB is impervious to manufacturing debris, chemicals, and beer spills. Once paired however, the unit is a breeze to use.

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