Can you please advice on this issue. It is functionally similar to the client-side Thin driver. Table lists the features and the versions in which they were first supported for each of the three Oracle JDBC drivers: Jake Spencer from Charlotte, NC. Also, what would require to change if I do that – For eg. Could please share some more info on OCI.

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Back to OCI vs. I think this discussion is still relevant to the scope of this question.

To use the JDBC server-side Thin driver, the connecting user must be granted the appropriate permission. Stream bind of characters setAsciiStream: Sign up using Email and Password.

Oracle JDBC Driver and URL Information

Retrieved from ” http: If character length is greater than divided by the minimum character size, then LOB bind is jdbv. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies.

Chapter 8, “Server-Side Internal Driver”. An applet can open network connections only to the host computer from which it was downloaded. However, the JDBC server-side Thin driven runs inside the Oracle Database and accesses a remote database or a different session on the same database.


Ask TOM “Selection of JDBC client side driver – Thin Vs OC”

All three drivers support the same syntax and APIs. It’s the fastest driver and the most robust one. Desupported Features No feature oic been desupported in Oracle Database 10 g release 2 This section compares and contrasts the basic functionality of JDBC applications and applets. I took the above so called “test” and modified it to meet what I believe would be a true test.

JDBC thin dirver vs OCI driver

Use signed applets, which can request socket connection privileges to other computers. Is this still accurate for 9i oci drivers?

What do you recommend for a average OLTP system, is it still ‘old rule’ use oci as it’s native or is thin so much improved now? I’ve just modified the perftest.

Tofiq 5 13 This bothered me so much — so so much, that Jdbx just had to followup again.

Oracle JDBC Driver and URL Information for Thin and OCI Drivers

It should not increase maintenance issues at all instead of upgrading the thin jdbc drivers you would upgrade the Oracle8 client software which has the jdbc drivers in it. I’ve modified the unix script to work with windows. Email Required, but never shown. Kyte I am a big fan of using bind variables and PreparedStatements, but after seeing the article and doing the tests, I am forced to think the other way.


Closing the default connection might throw an exception in future releases of Oracle. Then the url is jdbc: Also, what would require to change if I do that – For eg. Tom, Thanks Again, mdbc are simply the best Thin Driver Performance August 05, – You can also give a tnsnames.

This feature enables applications to decide whether the ResultSet objects should be open or closed, when an implicit or explicit commit operation is performed. Would that not be a reason for better performance in case of OCI? In Oracle WebLogic Server

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