No cool guy shit that makes folk cheer. A proper you have to see it to believe it moment, but as David J Wilsons wonderful work above shows us, we did indeed have a flying Bram. This is a re-write performed by the empty vessel known as my body that used to, but no longer houses my soul. For this it fitted what was about to happen perfectly. In Glasgow a straight up heider is one of the most effective ways to teach lessons and that is exactly how BT started this off.

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Rocking back and forth. The image of his real life best pal so distraught by the kicking he was taking. Back in the ring they battled up top before Storm chucked Jody halfway across the ring. God that’s a name I haven’t thought of in freaking forever and still have absolutely no idea how to pronounce.

The thing that will hurt Stevie even more is that he essentially done this to himself. Learning the hard way. He was desperate and it brought the very best out of him.

He embraces them for the moments that he might create if he does overcome the odds. It felt like a match that will propel Aaron Echo to massive things.

This shootnig uses cookies. Bram, who somehow still had some energy left after a hard day of defacing monuments and pishing on our troops, managed to hold Jester in place, getting his legs tied in the cage long enough for Joe to jump out.


The man with the van and a decent tan. It was lovely to watch. He looked right into Lionhearts eyes after kicking out of the frog splash. Lionheart dodged a wild swing from Polo before they played a wee game of cat and mouse.

Wrestler Spotlight: Jody Fleisch

As emotional and historic as any outcome to any match ICW have ever put on. Long live the baddies. Retrieved from ” https: Done it very well with Lionheart to end that feud and this was outstanding entertainment to probably end this particular feud as well. He dished out all the lariats, back elbows and splashes to get back in the ascendancy, even looking for the win early on with a beautifu facial for a two count, only for Kay Lee Ray to fire Coach Trip in harms way at ring side.

A Shooting Star Press Piledriver. – THE KING OF KINGS

Sha Samuels goes for a pint and a bag of pork scratchings. It looked like Renfrew had it with the Stoner soon after but Leyton Buzzard rose from the dead to break the pin only to be quickly removed by Renfrew, before being on the sare end of a suicide dive from Kieran Kelly.

The match was top notch. Intervening eventually but piledrivver after Stevie had crashed through a table that he previously set up on the outside.


After all, Kid Fite wanted to be somewhat fresh for his big match with the big import on Night Two so it was time to wrap this up. Despite their eliminations earlier in the piledrkver, the rest of The Filthy Generation had their say in the final moments. Right in the middle of that ring.

Two whole pints worth in the Effortlessly chucked a big unit of a guy clean over his heid.

Wrestler Spotlight: Jody Fleisch – Scottish Wrestling Network

Rolling forearm from the big man had Jeff seeing stars. Even if that thing is cracking a big plank of musical wood over your napper. The gid wrestling was coming at you thick and fast in this one as The Kings busted out something special right after.

Saluting him with the double middle finger before embracing James Storm as he approached the ring with homicide on his mind. Kasey is brilliant and if ICW done awards this year, she would undoubtedly be a massive shout for breakout star. He set Joe up for it by knocking him off the cage with that massive studded dildo he uses that he pulled from…fuckin…fuck knows piledrivre.

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