The pole piece is vented and the magnet is shielded. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. In all cases, the good news is that you can have it mostly your way by tweaking toe-in until you find the presentation you desire. Bookmark Today at 3: The longboard is used to fair the surfaces so the side will touch all the other parts with no air gap. In that configuration I could not get the imaging to lock and was left with a very diffuse sound of no solid origin. Another thing you need to do at this stage is drill the hole for the port.

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Jordan Eikona – E J Jordan Designs

I usually use a shellac sealer lots of it ion the MDF before painting. As the off-axis response shows clearly, output in the treble region rolls off sharply red trace and jx92a can therefore also serve to titrate hordan amount of treble energy that reaches the ears. Even the Ridges’ side vents, despite their at times boomy bass, managed to remain unobtrusive as long as I kept the speakers a few feet away from corners and walls, relatively easy to do in a 20′ x 20′ room.

Once the paint is dry, you need to install the stuffing as shown in the drawing above, then the driver and the input terminals and wiring. In all cases, the good news is that you can have it mostly your way by tweaking toe-in until you find the presentation you desire. Female voices are incredible, I had never heard Jewel breathe so much, Norah Jones sounded sultry and liquid. The outer piece of the baffle was cut larger than the outside dimension of the cabinet and flush trimmed to size once the baffle was glued to the remainder of the cabinet.


Speaking of our better halves, mine just fell for the looks of the Ridges. The top and current model is a 5 liter. I had to shut down the amp to switch wires and I think it took long enough to cool the tubes down, but after the first song things were going good. The table below shows a comparison of the measured and published specifications.

I only have about 3hrs on them and cannot wait to fire them up again tomorrow, will probably listen well into the night. These are all very important, especially the stuffing. These parts are the ones that I made form Baltic birch, and how I laid them out on a piece of birch ply I had lefty over from another project.

Created 24 March Another thing you need to do at this stage is drill the hole for jordna port. But don;t permanently install it until you finish paint or veneer the box.

Jordan JX92S DIY Tower Loudspeakers

I suggest if you’re interested in modeling speakers that you visit his web site. Get our latest product reviews and AV stories emailed to you weekly Subscribe. The amount of attenuation will be room and amplifier dependent as well as personal taste.

With the speakers’ axes crossing a few feet behind me, imaging became more defined and precise although never razor sharp. The kx92s touches were a figured Maple veneer on the walnut all of which was finished in a gloss tung oil.


Forums New posts Search forums. Thread starter billnchristy Start date Feb 22, I did prefer the speakers about 6 feet apart with their axes crossing behind me but Robin Wyatt recommends to have the drivers’ axes cross about a foot in front of the listener.

While it is relatively expensive, to me it is worth every penny and more. I will add more as I learn more about them, so far I havent heard a single thing that disappointed me. It really allows for a large “sweet spot”, and moving your head a few inches doesn’t mess up the sound like what happens with some full-range speakers. Need help deciding on a projector Latest: I have not noticed any fatigue from them mordan, but I expected this because I thought the highs would be rolled off Obviously this single driver speaker does not need a crossover of any sort.

At jx92d it would be closer to 85 dB.

Jordan JX92S Fullrange Speaker Driver (Transducer)

Like its maker, the Ridge is very upfront in telling you what you need to know. Since I used Mathcad explorer, a free version that doesn’t allow you to save your work, Jc92s can’t offer the file to you. Some reviews I agonize over for weeks.

Multifunction Devices