Robert , Dec 8, On Sun, 7 Dec No, create an account now. T hanks Roger, for the roses Quadriflax , Dec 9, It works with the VX

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LG VX USB Data Cable Cellular Accessory

The cable offered on Ebay is an actual USB cable that is considerably faster than the conversion cqble. QuadriflaxDec 7, The cable at radio shack is not the correct cable. I don’t want to spend the extra money if I don’t need to. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me. After a lot of research, the only availability for an appropriate cable for transferring vxx6000 to and from the LG VX is from www. I appreciate the help.

LG VX6000 Data Cable Question

QuadriflaxDec 6, It works with the VX Roger, Can you access the filesystem on a LG with your current release of Bitpim? This is the cheapest one I’ve found so far.


On Sun, 7 Dec Welcome to Verizon Forums – the unofficial Verizon community!

It work well with the free BitPim software. Our cable is a straight USB cable only it’s got the added functionalitiy of charging and keeping your phone charged wile your tethered to your laptop or PC It is a USB to Serial conversion cable. T May I ask what the “verizon connection software” that is included with your serial converted Futuredial cable is? I have just ordered one. On Fri, 05 Dec Yes, my password is: If you previously had an account on CPF, it has been transferred!

Also, this is the cable I’m looking at buying xata Radio Shack: Roger BinnsDec 7, Does LG use the same cable for all phones? QuadriflaxDec 5, What does the software allow me to do, if anything, vx66000 the cable alone doesn’t? There are no less than 4 different directories and index files with images in them!


If you can answer my question about the software and let me know how much shipping would be toI can make my final decision soon. No, create an account now. The calendar and filesystem view daya however work.

I’m just looking for a cable so I can transfer pics I take to my PC, and maybe vice versa. Expecting Cell Phone Forums? How much slower would serial be compared to USB? I don’t really need lgg charging feature of your true USB cable.

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