Left click is intermittent, always ‘clicks’ but doesn’t register as a key press 6. That’s why there are re-releases, and second issues. Like your cell phone, speakers, I can normally fix it by hitting both reset buttons bottom of mouse and base station. Now, I really am in heaven because the mouse fits my hand, requires minimal movement and has rechargeable batteries. They just sent me another in December and sure enough the intermittent left click issue is back. The mx might look sexy, and be the first mouse to boast this new lazer technology, but all that equates to the best part of sod all if the mouse doesn’t even function properly!

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This review looks like the writing of a sixteen-year-old high school dropout.

It stops responding until you move the receiver around. I’ve replaced my keyboard batteries numerous times, but only recharge my mx twice since 4 logitdch ago. I am a computer programmer, and gamer. I logitecj stay away from this product.

The pattern appearing on the sensor reveals details on any surface, even glossy surfaces that would look totally uniform when exposed to the LED incoherent illumination. In file explorer it won’t scroll the window or pane the mouse is over. Logitech has hit a home run with this mouse.


Logitech MX Laser Cordless Mouse review – DV Hardware

Not suitable for my hand. By the way, the new PC is running Vista. I was forced to purchase the Mircosoft Laser mouse.

This will ensure that these complaints climb up the ,x1000 totem pole and start showing up when other potential consumers google for logitechs products. That’s why any good store has days return policy. Loyitech weight is just right, the battery meter is a good idea and never goes down, due to the amazing battery lifethe charger is great, the reception is AMAZING, the added buttons are extremely useful and well-designed Is it me or is it not possible to do this with this mouse?

Both mice have jx1000 very weak battery, so if the red light turns on, i have less than 30 minutes left, but I got used to this. Powerful tilt wheel plus zoom: I can normally fix it by hitting both reset buttons bottom of mouse and base station. This probably the best mouse I’ve ever owned but it has some problem.

The scroll wheel is utter crap. I’m thinking some dirt, fibers, mung, cheetos, or whatever got caught up in there and caused all my problems.

DV Hardware review – Logitech MX1000 Laser Cordless Mouse

Just be sure to get UberOptions because “cruise up” sucks but throwing a grenade with it rocks! The biggest problem is that motion sensor is too effective. Every single customer I have recommended the mouse to has come back and said to me. A laser-based mouse can see more detail Laser illumination reveals structure that an LED simply cannot express.


It would move suddenly all over, button clicks would get “stuck” and you’d drag instead of click, and the only way to fix it temporarily is to press the sync button on the base. Very good for gaming. Some are simply awesome, others difficult to live with.

Anyway I can’t say I don’t recommend this mouse, I’d definitely buy it again if given the chance And take better care of my warranty info. What about this notion of having to replace the mouse at about logitecj years, due to the sealed battery chamber? Couldn’t figure it out until I unplugged the receiver from the USB port, and used the green PS2 adapter plugging it into the old style ports.

Then the center button seemed to stop working well. Lets take a look at how this technology works: There are 2 different chargers out there. It has a terrible lag. However, recently it has been really bothering me