Unfortunately I don’t know personally how well this updated firmware works yet , but there are people talking highly about it in the french forums at Station Drivers. Thanks so much for the help. Marvell dont provide customer downloads for sata controllers. The matching Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge also has many new features. I have never had any issue with any driver from Station Drivers. Click on the different files and below you will see the version numbers. The time now is

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With all the problems I am reading from other owners with your mobo, it might be better to simply buy a new Zbased mobo.

If I download the latest driver from Gigabyte, it does not include a driver at all for the Marvell I’ve updated to the latest non-beta drivers from Station-drivers and have the same problems no matter what. You need to install the updated MRU from Station Driver in order for it to communicate with the actual Marvell driver. Disable WU from updating HW drivers. While in theory this means your video card will be slower, the reality is if you have a single GPU, nothing available today can fully utilize even a PCIe 2.

When you first boot up and see the Marvell Controller screen, you will see what hard drives the controller senses and what the BIOS version number is.


Best driver for the Marvell 6G Controller

I upgrade drivers using Driver Genius and have also disabled Windows from doing so because of bad experiences in the past. Mine stays at the old version after bios update, I want to see if others’ does too or if I’m doing something wrong.

Halfdead14 marvell controller is garbage, won’t even take my sata 3 ssd past read or write So true, Magvell put mine back on the Intel. It would indeed be great to be able to make full use of this device even if it is a year later.

Because this is not an official page, I hesitate to use their files. User Control Panel Log out. This means you will max out below the SATA3 threshold. The latest revision is great!

Best driver for the Marvell 9128 6G Controller

As a final note: If you do update your Marvell firmware and you encounter problems either immediately after updating or later, you will probably not be able to return to the original Marvell BIOS firmware version your motherboard had when you bought it.

Hi, thanks for the link! I am running Windows 7 professional 64 bit on a Z68 Extreme 4. Has anyone who has an Staa P7P55D-E mobo downloaded and installed the latest drivers and firmware listed for the Marvell SE controller on the station-drivers page? If you have dual video cards or a dual GPU card, this may reduce the video performance.


I have been updating my anti-virus software and performing scans on these files. Which mobo do you have?

The matching Intel Core i7 Ivy Bridge also has many new features. January 23, Three word game Four word game. Best driver for the Marvell 6G Controller. Marvell dont provide customer downloads for sata controllers.

After Asus moves on to the next generation of mobo’s, as with probably most other mobo makers, they do not post any new drivers or firmware for the third party controllers on their mobo’s. The problem went away for another little while.

At the website ” http: The revision number is 1. Looking on the Gigabyte driver CD, within the “Bootdrv” folder there is a driver version 1.

Marvell 91XX SATA 6G Controller

Marvell put out a utterly beta piece of hardware, everyone implemented it, and then they never actually got the thing working as it should’ve. So I would unistall the current Marvell driver and install this generic Microsoft driver instead? Please note, use these at your own risk.

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