Hello all, i only made an account to hopefully help others who are having problems. I have bought two of these cameras in the last month off ebay. Can anyone please guide? It seems its not supported by skype. If I press the mode button, nothing.

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By the way, I then tried putting my cellphone micro SD card 2gb and it didn’t help though.

Hello all, i only made an account to hopefully help others who are having problems. If someone has another, better solution for using this webcam with skype, I would be happy to hear about.

Reset your camera with a needle and format the vv with another cardreader and e. But, the caveat is you have to work on a hard drive formatted with NTFS.

I suspect that linux-uvc needed to be reinstalled. Now it won’t turn off with the power button: Try prodding minu if I don’t report back. I had the same problem because I tried to turn it on before fully charging the 1st time.


I bought from eBay, by the way. I bought one, but I would prefer not to use Windows if possible. Thanks ru This worked mnii me though there was a couple of typos.

MD80 driver – MD80 Camera Instructions

As to the date stamp the Tag. I have refitted the lens and tried resetting the camera with no luck. I backed up the TAG.

So did recently installed Xawtv won’t work either.

Open a terminal and type lsusbthis shows whats connected on usb. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

MD80 driver

Drive download and now I can read the memory, but no recording. If I hold down the power button for four seconds to turn it off, nothing.

If your camera have it, set it and check to see if Ubuntu would work with it. You can let it reset by keeping it unplugged until it drains low enough. Then Connect the camera to your PC. Df the current version The bluie LED does not come on anymore.


Don’t buy this camera! Got the camera to work with skype on Ubuntu I also tried with skype, but failed. I put one over another. Your email address will not be published.

Works fine with my 04FC: I haven’t charge it for a few days now, I’ll wait a couple more and i’ll cv again Other SD card, no way. Site dedicated to this DV recorder Just like wickedwiz and savitch said, I have the same issue. Now the Linux kernel has drivers for the gspca family of chips and a driver called 5xx litterally.