If you wish to do batch scanning, use the utility. It autofocuses for the first prescan of any frame, but after that will generally not refocus for subsequent prescans of the same frame. A final conclusion will have to await a complete analysis of my test scans, but the early results are very promising. Loads a previously saved correction job. Reapplies the previously undone adjustment. When using manual focus, a black and white “thermometer bar” graphic appears in the focus window.

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This is the perfect scanner for negatives and slides.

Minolta DiMAGE Scan: Scanners | eBay

With the USB 1. The optics simply do not deliver a crisp image to the CCD. Scanning resolution can be as high as 2, dpi, with an RGB trilinear CCD element that slides across the film in one pass.

The following checkboxes and settings are available:. You can draw a freehand curve by clicking on the Freehand Curve tool dul pencil button to the right of the Tone Curves graphwhich converts the cursor into a pencil scanndr tool. The window can be moved anywhere over the preview image, so you can see the effects of any changes made.

This slows scanning somewhat because the scanner does a prescan to set exposure before the main scan.

Comparison between DiMAGE Scanners

It then becomes the central image, representing scanneg current state of the correction, and you’re presented with a new range of alternative choices. As powerful as it is though, I’d like to see it extended in two ways.


In either case, launching the software displays the main screen, where all scanning actions take place.

Yes, I am iiu it with Windows 7 and get reasonable scan out of my old film strip. We do not provide technical support for setup, installation or any user related issues.

I don’t know how much of an issue this streaking would be in any sort of normal usage, particularly given that it didn’t appear in Train2, which is probably about as tough a piece of film as any average user would be likely to encounter. A good analogy for those old darkroom aficionados out there would be the difference between condenser and diffusion enlargers. In good shape with some signs of previous use. I tend to play with the final product in Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro, instead of using the scanner software.

Overall, there’s no question that it sets a high standard for scanners in this market segment. If you wish to fimage batch scanning, use the utility.

Minolta DiMAGE Scanners

Enables the Variations adjustment window, which displays a handful of variations for each of the available adjustments. Join For Free Upload photos, chat with photographers, win prizes and much more.

cilm Optimum focus can be quite time-consuming to determine on a film scanner, particularly if you have to perform a full scan in between adjustments to evaluate the results of your tweaking. Overall though, I really like the immediate feedback, and not having to do a full scan to see the results of my focus changes. Load Image Correction Job: Once you’ve got used to this quirk, you realise there’s no need to panic and the problem is sorted. Compare that to a 30 MB clear image from the Minolta – no contest!


The DSD-III uses a “live feedback” system that I found to work quite well, at least when given a nice contrasty chunk of image to work with. Saved job files show up san the far left column of the Correction tab, with a scroll bar so that you can zip through various settings and determine the one you would like to apply.

The brilliance and sharpness of transparencies is also rendered truthfully. Below the curve are adjustment sliders for Brightness, Contrast, and Red, Green, and Blue color balance corrections.

When using manual focus, a black and white “thermometer bar” graphic appears in the focus window. The simage color depth of this desktop scanner scans the image with brilliant colors.

Directory Pages Search for all the latest photography gear and services in our dedicated minoltaa directories. Lets you manually adjust the scanner focus. Film handling Holders are provided for slides and film strips. Image Correction Tab Once you’ve adjusted the image resolution and size, as well as the orientation and cropping, clicking on the Image Correction tab lets you perform prescanning corrections.

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