User a Password b Domain c Next uncheck the boxes End. Wow, I can’t believe how fast they turned my unit around!! I can understand this, but I find that if I only have one program running the Com4 and automatic management inhibits GPS data. Has anyone have the R On the TT site there is still nothing on support for P Not to throw another curve ball, but has there been any rumors about P going WM6? I would just buy another make and model, but I can’t find anything that comes close to the spec for the price.

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Grrr They are sending me an envelope to return the unit and expect it to be back with me in working days.

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Since receiving it back less than a week ago, it has again exhibited the same problem three 3 times. Should you have any other questions, feel free to contact us directly at Guess who won’t be muo Mio again.

At some point – if there’s any kind of positive response, I’ll copy it down to a tolerable file and UL it someplace. As regards the accuracy or the aerial. See the chart above for details. It shouldn’t take too long I suppose?


Send me an e-mail and can send it to you. Hello, I’m using WM6. I just tried the P with an external antenna and the signal booms through.

Windows Mobile – Devices. Almost 7 weeks after I sent it away for what was meant to be a day job.

Mio P550 / P350 ROM upload

I am still getting excellent response from my P R By the way, the power on problem with the P is more to do with a Windows Mobile 5. You have to manually turn the unit off and on to get them to work again. Just got my p back from mio after a reflash.

Tewy, I am at a loss as to what to do. Then reset your unit with the reset button on the bottom.

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Called their tech support. Type a bogus server address. Also should it be possible to copy this file to a SD card and flash from this?

Both installations have been done from scratch so no other software installed Reply author: Pour vous guider xdhc la Route: Indoors, in a concrete building I get a fix in CE monitor after about 90 seconds after a “cold start”.

Just telling that crashoverhead finished the 6. Hold the joystick “up” until the Mitac download logo appears. Can anyone tell me what the latest version of the english non US rom is? I places it near the side window and there it’s good enough. The satellite signal that reaches the GPS chipset is extremely low max of 29dB-Hz instead of the usual 40dB-Hz a “coated windshield” impact reallyto the point where it’s going to be difficult to do a cold start 4 hours without using a GPS that requires downloading new Ephemeris data with a signal level of 28dB-Hz.


Only the P is available. I even asked them for a copy of the rom so I upload it myself and they said, “uhh.

Also discussed in this thread I found some info in the link below on SD Cards that might be useful. Especially bearing in mind the issues that exist with the P Mine worked fine in that respect.

It is taking forever about hours thus far.

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