From the level of noise during the Classic Test, we could tell that the notebook wasn’t running at full capacity so that the battery life could actually be even shorter when playing games on the GXR. Everything works fine in windows 10 except this one thing. Products may not be available in all markets. Nvidia Graphics Card, GX: AI neural network builds new virtual cities by studying real ones. Just like an actual person resting, the GX is lifelike. The black level of 1.

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Crysis was for a long time the most graphics-intensive game out there and is therefore still used as part of our graphics benchmarks. As a gaming notebook, the WASD keys are specially marked for use in games. Beyond 24 fps, the human eye no longer perceives moving pictures, promoting the illusion of perfectly smooth motion.

Review MSI GXR Gaming Notebook – Reviews

Art Deco on wheels: MSI has gone with xg660 sleeker and simpler design for this model. Built-in HD Webcam Genuine p high-definition HD video quality to 30fps 30 continuous images per second allowing smooth, natural progression without jerkiness; ordinary webcams only offer 8fps.

The Lifelike GX Breathes! The battery is not particularly big. Just by looking at the size subwoofer, it’s easy to tell that it won’t significantly change the quality of the bass. When the left-side speaker emits sound, the LEDs on the left side will independently illuminate, and the same on the right side.


Windows 10 uses its generic driver when you first install Windows and it works perfectly bludtooth. These buttons allow you to turn on or off the keyboard backlight, the case lighting and the turbo mode, for example. Webcam – HD Webcam. Nevertheless, the quality of mdi sturdy build leaves no rooms for complaints. We show the least amount of ads whenever possible. The black level of 1. Exclusive Cooler Boost Technology Only one finger!!

In idle mode, the power supply stays cool. Hi, We are sorry to know that the issue still persist. Windows 10 uses its generic driver when you first install Windows and it works perfectly fine. The 14×14 mm chiclet keys would otherwise contribute a lot toward a high rating.

These characteristics help transform the GX into a stylishly contemporary and dynamic pro gaming machine that offers gamers an all-new aesthetic experience. The turbo mode seems unnecessary considering how loud the notebook gets. MSI is, of course, a world-class player in the gaming notebooks business.

Msi Gx660, Unable to detect bluetooth device Windows 10.

To express different types of music authentically, Dynaudio and MSI spent over 1, hours of continuous, repetitive testing and fine tuning of high, mid, and low range frequencies so authentic reproduction of different types of music can be achieved. Did this solve your problem?


If you prefer to hook up an external mouse, the blietooth can be deactivated with a keyboard shortcut. The overly loud cooling system takes away from the overall rating. If you’re thinking about purchasing the MSI GX, keep in mind that the gaming notebook’s 9-cell battery does not contribute to a long battery life and it’s always best to have a power outlet near-by. Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site.

Just wondering if anyone has found a fix for Windows 10, and their GX R laptop and the Bluetooth button. Intel makes homebrew neural net development faster and easier. It’s therefore possible to play music or watch bluetioth movie without having to hook the notebook up to external speakers. Its overall impression is, however, tarnished by the disappointingly flimsy keyboard. Please check the specific specifications with your local dealers.

Exclusive Cooler Boost technology provides powerful cooling capabilities and receives real-time notification of the GX’s core temperature variations and fan speed. The design as a whole has a harmonious effect, even the showy details like the “chrome” display hinges or the cover’s convex shape fit in nicely.